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Today is:

The Look at Heidi Klum
Project Runway isn't this Klum's only project!

The Life of Patrick Kelly
Kelly was a pioneering designer who died too soon.

A Glance at Tyra Banks
The model turned mogul is in it for the long run!

The World's First Black Supermodel
Donyale Luna time was brief but impactful!

The Life and Death of Gia Carangi
Learn about the woman J-Lo played in a movie.

A Look at Kimora Lee Simmons
A look at the Baby Phat creator!

Tips on Healthy & Smooth Skin
by Joni Bishop

Fashion Tips For the Summer
by Maya Arman

An Interview with Crooked Hook's Sheeba
She make accessories for your head, arms and hand (and other places too) and in some really hot colors!

The Midriff Dialogue
Is there really too much skin being shown?

City Fall Fashion
Meia Smith talks about style for the fashion urbanite in this hip 2005 piece

Transition into Fall Fashion
Getting a start on your fall fashion with this Maya Arman piece.

Getting the Last of Your Summer Wear
Make the most out of your summer wardrobe.

Back in the Day
Bamboo Earrings

Magazines off the Beaten Path
Little known mags with lots of style

Summer Must Haves
Looking fly for the summer

Fashion Spotlight
Interview with Big Rube Harley the man behind the Mitchell & Ness explosion.

Fashion In The City
What's hot in the neighborbood and what's not!

Designer Spotlight: Helene Mitauer
Fashion meets education

10 Steps to being a Model
Spark exposes the secrets to being a model.

Does Your Label Define You?
The impact of fashion on society.

On Da' Come Up
Up and coming designers pathing their own path to success.

Going Platinum
Platinum + Plus Rap Star = Clothing Line

LeBron James

This twenty-four year old has the basketball world in his hands. The recent Olympic Gold Medalist for the "Redeem Team" in Beijing, James is a 6'8, 260 lb. wunderkind. LeBron James' play on the court reminds many of luminaries such Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan and he's also very style conscious too! Many people want to see him in NYC in a year but for now it's Cleveland, Ohio he calls his homecourt. No matter where he plays, the future is bright for the Akron, Ohio native named LeBron "King" James . He might be the NBA's first $200 million dollar man.


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