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Today is:
Spotlight Designer: Sheeba of Crooked Hook
By Clayton Ruley

Sheeba is a member of the GeoClan family (aren't we all?) and she brings many talents to the table. So skilled, Sheeba loves her knitting and brings it to us all as Crooked Hook. As it get colder and colder it's nice to know someone has accessories for all our different outfits and flavors. (GC): How long have you crocheted?


Sheeba of Crooked Hook (CH): I taught myself to crochet about 6 years ago...I've been designing my own patterns for about 3 years now.


GC : What is the meaning of your company name?


CH : A small handheld hook is used to transform yarn into stitches/fabrics.....crooked refers to the breakaway from the traditional crochet design that most people are used to (like grandma's blankets and potholders)

  Mini iPod cases

GC : What were your artistic influences?


CH : I have many, but my parents are at the top of the list.   My father is a photographer and graphic designer and my mother is a fiber artists.   Zanobia Bailey is another crochet artist   who is a major inspiration for my work.


GC : What are some of your most positive and negative experiences so far?


CH : I believe that in a growing business any experience you have is a learning to me they are all positive.  


GC : What has shocked or surprised you about the experience?


CH : I am still surprised by the power of the internet.   I've gotten responses from people all over the world, from London to the Netherlands, to Africa to Canada......all of them supporting my artwork and business.

  Focus on the belt

GC : With whom would you like to work with in the future?


CH : I'm making plans to connect with local businesses at make my work available n Philly and Washington DC.   I would also like to work with musicians looking for stylists.


GC : With whom have you already worked with that you wanted to?


CH : GEOCLAN!!!   this is truly a wonderful organization comprised of intelligent and genuine people who not only promote positive changes in the community, but offer all kinds of opportunities for many talented and dedicated people in the city.   I've enjoyed working with them this year and look forward to working with them in the future.


GC : For whom do you crochet   for?


CH : The beauty of my designs is that they transcend age, race, and gender.   I've designed for wild spirits and   conservative souls alike.  


GC : What is your short term plans? Long term plans?

CH : I'm currently working on a fashion show for the summer and a whole new look and feel to the website that will be more little more interactive.   The new website will have a photo gallery, contests, special offers, and of course brand new designs.

In the next five years I'd like to publish my patterns and exhibit my wall hangings.

  Colorful and definitely warm scarf

GC : What is your background in?


CH : I have a background in the fine arts, graphic design, and I also study color theories.



GC : Where are you and what do you do usually on a non-descript day?


CH : HAHA!   I usually crochet every single day, whether it's an order, a gift, or something for myself.   I also like to paint on my downtime.


GC : What do you think of the art scene in Philly?


CH : Well I just moved here from the Washington DC area about 3 months ago, but from what I've seen it's not bad at all.   There are all kinds of cultural things to get into....there's an underground and not-so-underground current so there's a little something for everyone.   There is definitely a community that appreciates and supports real talent.


GC : What do you think about change (think of Uploading Change,'s slogan)?


CH : Hmmm...I think change is inevitable's the direction of that change that makes the difference.   I think it's important to remember that positive change is possible, but it requires action. Exercising your rights, using your resources, education, and communication equals empowerment.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or if you would like to be a Featured Designer. Feel free to email GeoClan at


A skillful self portrait of Sheeba


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