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Today is:
Fashion In The City
By S .Watts

Eva "The Diva" Pigford (The newest America's Top Model) has me sold when she said, "fashion is change". It's the beginning of winter and time to bundle up in your garments. This season's fashion police have their trained eye and fury hand cuffs thirsty for a catch.   There is the old and new of fashion for every season. The old, that has yet to expire, and the new, that breaks through with ideas and guidelines for the coming season.

Let's review the fashion past that should be left alone.

The Don'ts:

5. Poorly Kept Fur
(Fur that comes off on anything you touch)

No need to destroy everyone else's look because your fur is shedding. Real fur is costly; it cost to obtain, and keep up.
Tip: try faux fur.

4. Open Shoes

Don't forget fashion changes with the season. It may look cute but if it makes no since leave it alone. Remember the heart break hotel video where Whitney Houston had a full length white mink on a sunny Jamaican beach with flip flops on. The things she had on may have looked cute but for the season and together they made no since and should have been left alone. Excuse me; are you Whitney Houston's cousin?

3. Jerseys

This is not the season of the jersey. Unless you live in California where the weather is always jersey appropriate, leave your jerseys alone until the warm seasons. Jerseys over hoodies will get you apprehended.  


2. Knee High Timberland Boots

Just because timberland made them doesn't mean they should be worn.

1. Manolo Boots (high heeled timberland)

That was the boot of winter 2003.  

Now for our upcoming fashion goodies looking forward.

The Do's


5. Stylish Layers

Dressing in layers will allow you to adapt appropriately to weather conditions through out the day inside and out.           

4. Faux Fur

It's fashionable, warm, easy to take care of, and versatile.

3. Winter Whites

Alluring classic white grabs attention year around. Unlike black, you can combine tones of white. Try snow white with off white.   Try textured and furry whites that are wintry and defiantly not summer wear. Cotton, cashmere, and wool.

2. Accessories

Accessories bring any bland outfit to life year round. The great thing about winter is you get to wear more. Try cute scarves, hats, gloves, broaches, muffs, leg warmers, and color. Keep your eye on theft stores;they carry some of the hottest items. Think vintage for the New Year.  


1. Try Fashion

Dress in what makes you feel best. "It's better to have ten pieces in your closet that you wear all the time and that make you feel great every time you put them on rather than having fifty pieces that don't do much for you." said, Andre Walker (Oprah's stylist)


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