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Today is:
My Adidas: A Short Introspective
By Trach Metropolis

As a kid, I grew up loving sneakers, Lotto’s, Fila, K-Swiss, and Nike. I rolled in Nike’s for a long time, maybe it was vision of being like Mike (Jordan).My athletic dreams slowly have disappeared. Nevertheless, my love for sneakers has continued. I have my Tim’s and dress shoes, but if you know me, you know my love for my Adidas!

Run D.M.C. with the sneaks on.

To me, the name Adidas runs right with Run-D.M.C. and Krush Groove. Adidas was Hip-Hop’s first real sneaker in my eyes. I know after Krush Groove, I wanted all Run-D.M.C.’S sweat suits and Kangol’s. Fat laces and even no laces made Adidas hot and fresh for a new generation of Style and music. Adidas actually made Run-D.M.C. the first Hip-hop acts to sign to sign to an endorsement deal.

On a personal note I got married this past July and wore white-on- white shelltoe’s to my reception. They looked good with my white linen and I was stylin’.

Who knew that a couple of German cats Adolf Dassler (Adi) and Rudolf Dassler (As) would touch the hip-hop game. These founders and brothers began to produce to their shoes in there mothers kitchen in 1924. With success came some ugly brotherly love and Rudolf left his brother and Began Puma in 1948. That's some sneaker history for ya!

A pair of Adidas special edition Top Tens.

As I have matured Adidas has moved right along with me. My Adidas provide me with dope style and comfort. When, on South Street, here in Philly, I always checkout the Adidas store off of fifth street just to see what new color schemes and models thay have. Of course, I also go there to plot on what I want to get next. The prices with Adidas are right in line with their competition. However, as a consumer I believe they offer more, cause every other brand looks the same to me. Damn, I guess I am an Adidas Stalker but please do not worry. My addiction to Adidas is a healthy obsession.

Special Shell Tops

I'll end this with one of my favorite Adidas rap lines: “My adidas and yes cold on my feet.” Run-DMC 1986


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