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Today is:
Spring Summer Fashion
By Maya Arman

As the sun starts to shine and the heat starts to melt our extra pounds away (yeah right don’t we wish), our moods are rising and the thought of not having to wear layers & layers of clothing, is thrilling! The summer styles are taking on an exciting twist from the previous years, and don’t we all want to participate in new and refreshing styles that match our specific taste and work with our body types. This season brings about simple pieces that are soft and comfortable, yet still sexy and feminine. Chic and ultra hip is the look of the season

We are seeing styles that are easy, fun, beautiful and extremely girly. Embroidery is popping up everywhere from dresses, shirts, shoes and even bags. Look for a ladylike embroidered dress or shirt to wear, for a classic feminine look. And what can be more feminine than the dainty eyelet look that is being shown on dresses all over. Try a white eyelet dress paired with a pair of espadrilles for the perfect "springy" look.

A really fun trend is incorporating Bollywood pieces into your wardrobe for a bit of a flashy yet elegant look such as brown eyelet dresses paired with wedges or leather flat sandals that have gold accents. Pieces that have sparkle and decoration with hints of shimmer but unexpectedly pretty and graceful. Try some full printed skirts with delicate leather sandals and you’ll be sure to radiate femininity.


For the more simple type of look there are some really effortless, comfortable pieces that are sure to still be stylin' that you’ll still be able to spend hours in. Jersey materials are now being put into simple dresses and longer fitted shirts that paired with a great belt, are trendy and fashionable. These jersey knits are thin and breathable and can conform to any body type. Pair a gathered jersey top with the all new "boy jeans" that are straight, not so tight, but still flattering; with a great belt and you’ll be readyto hit the streets. Or take a shorter jersey knit or military style dress and wear over cropped leggings that will give you that ultra hip street look. And don’t forget the Bermuda or boy shorts that are out this season, which are a great alternative to the everyday skirts we are so used to wearing! These versatile shorts can be worn to work, to lounge and even to go out at night. Pair these longer shorts with a lacey top and heels and your ready to hit the club!

Shoes are just as exciting and finally we are not seeing feet crushing stilettos everywhere- thank goodness! This season opt for the ultra comfortable ankle shoes ranging in many styles and fabrics. Or try some wedges, espadrilles or clogs this season, and your feet will be sure to thank you at the end of the day! Even shoes that are actually made to be orthopedic shoes are easy to wear and look great. Try a pair from dr.scholls ( or the new chic leather styles by a company named Worishofer (

Espadrilles are going to be seen everywhere this summer, and the ones with the ankle closure offer more stability and comfort, so be sure not to miss out on this trend!

So be easy and pick up a couple pieces to update your wardrobe and keep you stylish and cool all season long. Grab a new belt, some jersey knit pieces, a few comfortable pairs of shoes, a dainty dress, some ultra cool boy shorts, and you’ll be ready to mix and match all summer long. And paired with a variety of different shoes, many of these pieces can easily take you from day well into the night with a quick shoe or top change!

*Stay tune next month for the season’s hottest accessories, newest “in” colors, and the most stylin’ new patterns

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