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Today is:
Transitioning Into Fall Fashion
By Maya Arman

The Transition…
It now comes that time when we start to phase out of the warm summer months and jump into the cooler fall temperatures. As we transition into the leaves falling and more earthy colors all around us, the fashions and styles don'’t go unchanged. This fall brings us into very new styles and trends which are unexpected, different and more importantly fun. There are so many different fashions hitting the runways and infesting the style magazines making it hard to go into depth about every trend, but I will hit upon some of the more obvious trends hitting the scene this fall.

Some accessories are going to be revamped this season such as the chunky necklaces often seen in turquoise this summer are being replaced with more elegant strands of beads in darker color. Brooches are heading out of fashion and being replaced with more decorative necklaces, and floppy wide brimmed hats are being exchanged for thicker fabric headbands.

Unbelievably the metallic craze is here to stay mainly with gold, gold, gold everywhere. You can find it in bags, shoes, jewelry and even clothes.

As far as colors go, black is becoming the new black. After many seasons of bright colors replacing the good old safe color, black is coming back into style and now becoming accepted as a color that can be worn head-to-toe. From shoes to clothes to accessories, black can now be seen as a sole color for the whole outfit, sort of like the old style of New-Yorkers. It is replacing bright colors and floral prints and is seen everywhere on the runways. Try some black accessories especially jewelry, belts, bags, and pumps.

Antique is hitting the trends this season with a sort of “found in the attic look.” Lace, scalloped leather boots, pretty beads, embroidered blouses, brocade anything, velvet and blouses are just some of the antique feeling items of the fall. The more Russian inspired fashions are feminine and quite different than what we are used to right now. Tux-front shirts, variety of delicate blouses, and ruffle back skirts are some fun things to try. Any brocade fabrics especially in jackets and coats are now hitting the fashion scene and perhaps trying one of these stylish coats this season wouldn’t be such a bad thing. They are pretty and stylish and quite a different approach to a light jacket other than the ever so popular jean or leather coat that many of us wear until the colder months.

Shoes are a big hit this season and range in all different styles and fabrics. Ballerina flats, pointy flats, loafer pumps, round toe pumps, peep toes, ankle boots, stacked boots, wedge boots, flat boots, knee high boots, and cowboy boots are all in style. Picking what shoes trends you want to participate in can be overwhelming but surely just by looking at these styles, a few will pop out as being fabulous to each one of us. A few tips on the trends: Pointy flats are very popular with tapered cut pants. Ankle cut, stacked, wedge, flat, and knee high boots are all really hot with skirts as well as worn over tapered pants. Leather and suede are always around, but this season, be sure not to miss out on the ever so sexy velvet shoes that are being shown everywhere.

So don’t be shy or boring this season and delve into some new fashions you never thought you could like. You will be surprised how some of these new styles will flatter you and give you a new edge on fashion. Some of these pieces are here to stay and some will go out of style by next year, so don’t be a drag and have fun with these new and exciting fashions that will take you into the next few months before we get ready to bundle up.

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