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Today is:
Summer Must Haves
By Joni Bishop

So lately it's like humid and hot every day, you become sweaty every time you step out of the air conditioning, not to mention this is really bad hair weather, and now your really thinking, "I need to tone up".   Sure signs that summer is here!   We may not be able to control Mother Nature's effect on our appearance but we can be in control of our look so here are some summer must haves:


•  Espadrilles


•  Wedge shoes


•  Bermuda shorts


•  Embellished slippers


•  Gold, silver, bronze or metallic accessories

•  Long and flowing skirts 

•  Dresses where the waistline sits at the hip

•  Blazers/waiter jackets


•  Turquoise or any brightly colored beaded necklaces

•  Faux tanners


•  Colors: green, yellow, pink

•  Flowing, bright and sparkly tops resembling the pheasant tops


•  Sequins


•  Embellished jeans


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