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Today is:
Getting The Last of Your Summer Wear
By Maya Arman

As the end of summer is approaching, we are being bombarded with fall fashions before we know it we will be immersed in winter must haves. 


This can be depressing for many of you packing up all of the light and easy clothes of the summer and taking out the bulky and heavy clothes to protect us from the colder months ahead.  But don't fear because some summer weather is still here. 


Spend the rest of this warmer weather taking advantage of all of the great summer must haves that have been in fashion this season.


This summer 2005 brought a feminine and colorful array of fashions that you must show off before the winter comes!  We all know the unmistakable shoes that were so hot this summer, the wedge . Paired with anything from skirts to trendy jeans, wedges have made a big hit and actually are here to stay well into the fall.  So if you haven't picked up a pair of these adorable (and actually much more comfortable than the stiletto heel we have been so used too), this is your chance.  These wedges will be really in style in the fall so you might want to pick up a pair that can transition you into the fall season and keep a bit of our favorite summer silhouette.

Although wedges have been the biggest hit of the summer, they are not the only shoes that have made a lasting impression of the masses.  The famous "toe sandals" have also been a trendy, not to mention extremely comfortable option for the feet.  They often are made out of leather and have rhinestones on them, making them a great accessory piece.  When flip flops simply wont do, these sandals have come to the rescue and are flats that will dazzle up nearly any style outfit. 


For the more fashion daring the mid-calf boot has been seen around paired with even skirts and dresses.  The famous western boot is adorable with a flowy skirt and can definitely be worn in the seasons to come, where western will be very trendy.  

We cant forget about the hottest item of the summer, flowy skirt .  Coming a long way from their hippie origins, these skirts are feminine, versatile, and very cool in the summer heat.  Every girl should get a chance to participate in this summer trend that truly is easy and beautiful.  Paired with a variety of shoes that we have discussed and endless choices of shirts that can go with these skirts, there is countless uses for these flowy skirts .

The end of the summer nights must include a dress that you absolutely.  The bell sleeve dress is a carefree feminine piece that has an elegance that is perfect for the end-of-summer nights out on the town.  Made from a variety of fabrics and styles this dress can be seen in the trendy floral print or the more traditional African inspired theme.  The super trendy eyelet material is a sure win with this dress or and type of clothing for the end of the season. 

We will end with talk of the metallic which came with a bang and is phasing out for the following seasons.  There is still time to wear your gold, bronze, or silver accessories which have made such a big impact this summer.  It is hard to find a girl that did not participate in the metallic craze, and boy did it look great.  From shoes to oversized bags, the sparkle has been everywhere, so take these next few weeks to wear out your metallic before more subdued color and fabrics will be hitting the fashion scene for the winter.

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