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Today is:
City Fall Fashion
By Meia Smith

I'm definitely not one for predicting fashion. I actually think that style is in the eye of the beholder- whatever a person makes of it defines their own personal style and look. This section has been written with the girls out there that want to take popular trends into their own hands- they aren't defined by anyone else's style. More recently, a slew of fall trends caught my eye and piqued my interest because there are so many ways to put your own individual touch on each of them. There are two ways to read this article. There are recommended ways to wear it in regular text and in bold there are ways to personalize the trend for your very own tastes. I thought it only fair to let everyone in on my secret for unconventional style. SHHH!!!


1.Slouch fitting sweaters - the ephemeral slouchy sweater-- the epitome of comfort...They can be paired with anything in your wardrobe. Look for ones that are either plain or embellished with buttons or zippers- anything with interest. Dress it up with a skirt for a city look you could wear anywhere- let the body of the sweater sit low on your shoulders or drape off one shoulder. Wear it with tight jeans for those with more laidback style and it looks just as good. Maybe even better! Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: If you're a bit nervous about adding any trendy seasonal items into your wardrobe, it's best to start with the slouchy sweater. From cotton to knitted wool, pick a style and make it your own. My advice? Start with a looser cotton sweatshirt and fit that into your wardrobe first. What's another way to wear the slouch sweater? Wear it as a dress. Buy an extra long sweater or sweatshirt in a larger size and wear it as a dress. Complete the look with vintage boots for a fresher take on this seasons new trend.


2.Vintage Boots - From the 60's and 70's- those wooden heeled boots that either taper to the ankle or drift around the knee, these boots are dramatic. They work with anything in your wardrobe- long skinny jeans, pencil skirts; long flowy skirts past the knee- anything. Aim for a boot with a bit of height but exercise judgment about how it fits into your look. There are plenty of vintage beauties that are flats to maybe a one or two-inch heel that are vintage and still look hot. Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: The best way to fit in boots into your wardrobe is to go vintage. Why? Because vintage styles have different ranges and no boot is the same-- Plus, you'll end up paying a lot less because vintage can be found from your local thrift store, consignment shop, Salvation Army-- even your attic. Vintage style also surpasses the premade and the often times overdone boot of today and allows it to make it your own.


3.Minidresses - A representative staple of 60's and the 70's the mini-dress is and always will be a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe. No matter what you define your style as, pair it with vintage boots (see above) from the ankle to the calf, mini-dresses get an instant revival and fall is just the time to try it out. Look for styles that aren't typical-- for instance, with an embellishment or some sort or a graphical print, even plain. Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: For those who feel they really aren't "dressy" type individuals, the first thing that must be understood is that mini-dresses can be casual or dressy. For the skeptic, try pairing a mini-dress with jeans to make it less of a dress and more of a top- another good idea is to put a above the knee skirt to the mini-dress also to make it appear as a longer shirt. As a final tip: attempt to find a dress that has a certain print or a style to it that attracts you. It will be easier to fit it into your wardrobe.


4. Vintage Military-Style Coats - Think of "Sergeant Pepper" and the Beatles era coats that range from above the knee to floor dusters. What makes it a military style coat is the button closure that's horizontal versus vertical.   Also, the fit is very masculine with tapered waists, mock collars, and tight shoulders. Best way to wear the military coat? Use waist cinching belts and closures to nip in and accentuate the waist making it more form fitting. This makes the coat that much more sexy and makes the coat more than just an accessory to the outfit. Pair the military style jacket with a longer skirt, dress trousers, or jeans. Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: This jacket adds appeal to any style in any color. If this type a coat isn't something you think can fit into your wardrobe, look first at a shorter less dramatic version that comes to the hips and add the waist cincher belt which you can take a bigger buckle belt, a cincher complete with buckles or ties- use anything that provides personal interest to you and makes your individual style pop.



5. Pants into boots - it is back! Wearing pants tucked into boots are popular. Use any type of pant fabric- from tight leggings to denim jeans into vintage boots make the outfit very sleek - from office to casual daily wear. Add this interesting combination with t-shirts, sweaters, skirts, and jackets- anything and everything you can imagine. It really pulls together an outfit. Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: Put it altogether with anything you want it tightens up the outfit and with any style you have just add it in for interest. It also keeps you warm because there's no breeze drifting up your pants/skirts/dresses. It's a sensible choice all around!



6. Trenches - Fully known for their ability to sweep the body up in a wealth of fabric and an air of mystery, trenches are another of the fall season coats that is bound to be a big trend. Grab up the trench in neutrals as well as basic black since it is this season's color or any color you really want. Styling of trenches are pretty general and across the board are the same- large collars and belted at the waist. Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: Pick up the trench in any fabric- nylon, wool, silk, etc., go by your style. Belt it around the waist or wear it open and flowing in the fall breeze. Introduce it in a shorter length like a regular coat and as the season deepens get longer lengths to compliment your wardrobe. Neutrals are nice this season but to fit your style, choose any color desired.


7. Gloves, Bags, and Pumps...Together - The perfect combination of old and new. Of the demure and innately sexy starlets of one day and the rough edged tastes of today. This season get familiarized with gloves, bags, and pumps in your wardrobe. What's the best way to wear them?   Take the gloves from "Wrist Length" to "12 Button Length" in any color or fabric. Bags go with gloves either in "Clutch" form or "Overnight Bag" form or everywhere in between. Similar to how they used to be paired together in the 50's and 60's. Pumps, this season, are worn with definite height and in any style. Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: Go definitely for the gloves and bags first. Fit them into your style in different colors, sizes, and styles. Anything goes as long as it compliments your style. Pumps are a bit harder to ease in because for the average individual they aren't comfortable. If they aren't personally comfortable, opt for a kitten heel or something 3-4 inches in height at first. But of course, rotate them with another shoe as not to damage your feet at all and to keep your look fresh.


8. Details, Details, Details - Details make an outfit and this is especially true in the streets. Some of the best outfits you'll ever see in the streets have different focal points to the outfit to form one main look with varied angles. It broadens and brings depth to an outfit. Often used as a form of styling-clothes for the season are seen utilizing smaller details with bigger pieces. For instance buying boots with fine leather working, studding, or perforations to pair with anything in your wardrobe. The more subtle the detail the more unique your outfit will appear. Fitting It Into Your Wardrobe: Go ahead and so shopping in thrift or vintage stores- anywhere for inspiration.   Start as small jewelry with chunky bracelets or a necklace- its small and less offensive. Then start to go a bit larger like maybe monogramming (having names or whatever you want embroidered on a shirt)


9.Big Hair is BACK! - Big hair in all of its overdone glory is back for this fall. No matter what length your hair is, adding a bit of volume to it will capture one of this seasons sexiest looks. No matter what "scene" you're apart of or even what hair texture you have. A little bit of hairspray here, a comb there, and a bit of fluffing and you've got big hair.


10. "Above all." - Be yourself. Break rules. That's the only thing that stands between you and the world. Above all remember that fact and that a style doesn't need to define you. You find your own medium.


So whatever you choose to do- however you choose to develop your style the only thing you really need to remember its your style. You have power to influence the world-- even by taking trends and making it your own or just creating a new style. Inspire yourself.


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