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Today is:
Back In The Day: Bamboo Earrings
By "Mela S."

"I want a girl with extensions in her hair

  Bamboo earrings at least two pair....

  Lets hear it for the girl she's from around the way"

                       LL COOL J. - Around the Way Girl

                        c. 1994 (Mama Said Knock You Out)


You know they were the things back in the day- no matter who you were. Honey down the street or homegirl next door, we rocked them hard. As Hip Hop took to the streets even harder in the 90's, it was inevitable for fashion not to emulate the music. This proved especially correct when considering the music of late 80's, early 90's. The sounds related to the struggle to survive and told the fated story of so many. It gave hope through words that made a strong impact and realistic lyrical flows uncovering truths that you didn't have to experience

personally to feel inside of you.


The streets were listening, almost to a point of excess. Everyday life would strive to emulate those of rappers and singers down to the smallest detail as a means of rebellion from the stereotype. By keeping   their pulse to a culture that was their own--- for survival's sake within this entire harsh world that wanted to break down anything that was considered different.


Popularized by rappers, singers, and other stars, street fashion became more imperative to having the look. Big chains, big necklaces, and other larger than life jewelry and tight clothing concepts became their trademark-their statement. For a little bit of money, you owned the hood and the hood laid at your feet. Varying differences became apparent as the trend advanced. Sizes and styles got even more complex ranging from a heart shape to "door-knocker" bamboos - Of course, with the name in the middle so everyone knew who you were, walking down the street, decked out in your gear.


You can still be the tightest girl on the block, finding these "hood classics" today on the streets. Styled exactly the same as before the only real difference is the price and the level of intricacy in the design. Worn with anything and still looking good with everything, Bamboos are sold in even more varieties- including the same ol'heart-shaped and "door-knocker" style and can be found, very likely, at a jewelry store near you.


You just gotta be willing to travel back in the day...


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