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Today is:
10 Steps to being a Model
By Spark

I have been modeling for a while and I do it for fun. This is something I have always dreamed of doing but I made a lot of mistakes along my path. I will always believe in myself and I hope you all do the same.

So without further delay here's what it takes:

1. Stay in shape!!!

2. Test shoot for pictures with a friend or relative to get an idea of your look (ex: sports, youth , lingerie etc.)

3. Find a photographer who gives you the rights to your pictures. This means you should have the negatives,
all the pictures and they can not charge you extra for them. Also the photographer CANNOT use them for his or her own use without your permission.

4. Go to New York, see what they say, it never hurts (too short, too fat, big boobs, or your perfect).

5. Choose about 6 good pictures that make you look different. This is what the game is all about , diversity, to see how you can change your look.

6. Get composite cards done. Comp cards are a mini-portfolio of about 3-5 different looks of yourself on a
5 by 7 card, they cost about $150.00-$250.00 for about 100 cards.

7. Go online to find the top ten modeling agencies in NYC (Ford, Elite, Next, IMG, etc.) to mail those comp cards out. If you want to stay in Philly, go online to find the top 5 agencies in Philly or your home town and do the same.

8. Don’t forget about your personal portfolio. Go to Kinko’s with the photos from your shoot and make color copies for $1.00 each and fill a black portfolio book (also from Kinko’s) with the rest of your pictures. This book should be used for your call backs and go see’s. (call back- when the agency calls you back; Go see- when you go see the agency in person ).

9. Don’t give up if they say no because all models have to live with and up to rejection.

10. The total cost for this can be from $1000.00-$2000.00 but if you do it right you will never have to do it again, so have fun.

Peace Out,

Have more questions on what it takes to be a model send Spark an email


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What are your 10 steps to being a Model

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