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Today is:

The Philadelphia Eagles 2009 Off-season Thus Far

The player many thought would be the greatest has a chink in his armor. Does it really matter?

A-Rod comes clean and MLB's steroid saga continues

The player many thought would be the greatest has a chink in his armor. Does it really matter?

Brian Dawkins Leaves The Nest

The Philadelphia Eagles lost their defensive captain as Brian Dawkins left for the Denver Broncos.

Current State of the Philadelphia Eagles: Moving Forward or Backwards?

The team has lost a big piece early in the 2009 free agency period. We examine what needs to be done to keep the chase for a title on and ask whether they are still chasing at all!

Top NBA Point Guards of All-Time

J-Kidd, Magic, The Big O? Clayton has his list for you to agree or disagree with right here!

GeoSports Preview The 2008-09 NBA Season

B-Ball bounces on the scene for the season and Clayton Ruley tries to predict what will happen from the Eastern Conference to the Western Conference.

GeoSports Preview The 2008 NFL Season

Football season is here and Clayton Ruley gives his pics.

A Final Look at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

It was a great Olympics and the U.S.A. brought home the most medals.

Brand Stuns The Masses & Moves From LA to Philly

The Sixers have hope in number 42!

Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers: A Pending Divorce?

Nope...It's official...the marriage is over!


Kobe Bryant wins 2007-08 MVP

The Lakers' guard keeps moving up the all-time greats list


The Philadelphia Phillies of 2008 Need a Fast Start

Read on, read on. Time is wasting!


Clemens Goes To Washington

Roger Clemens: The best pitcher of this generation went to Washington recently. Read what Clayton thinks about this whole mess!


A New Sun Rises: Shaquille O'Neal Moves To Phoenix

IThe Phoenix Suns placed their chips into the middle of the card table when they acquired Shaquille O'Neal early in the season. Clayton Ruley writes on it.


The Philadelphia 76ers: Growing Slowly

IDon't judge this team until they have the money to make moves in the off-season.


All Parties Are to Blame

If the ship needs to burn don't just do it to one side.


Michael Vick: Life At A Crossroad

Clayton Ruley talks about NFL quarterback Michael Vick and where he's wrong in his poor choice of actions!


2007 NFL Preview

Clayton Ruley gives you picks and analysis for this season. Read on people! Read on!


Ok Philadelphia Eagles...You Better Be Right

Clayton Ruley discusses what needs to happen so the recent cutting of Jeremiah Trotter doesn't haunt the Eagles brass and coaching staff.


2007 NBA Draft Grades

The draft came and went and nothing went down exactly like we thought. Here are our grades.


2007 NBA Draft Lottery Predictions

See what Clayton Ruley said before  the 2007 draft went down in June! Fourteen picks and analysis why they should go there.


The NBA Top Starting 5 at Each Position

Clayton Ruley gives you his top five at each position in the NBA and it leads to this lovely five man be honest these guys can all play at least two positions and most three!


2006 NFL Postseason Picks

The NFL is heading to the end of the regular season full steam ahead. See who we thought would make the second season in the beginning of December and compare it to the truth! We think we will be close.


2006 NBA Preview

Well the Philadelphia 76ers look out of it but check our preview to see which teams we were right about!


2006 NFL Preview

See where we were right and where we were wrong. The details courtesy of Clayton Ruley and Bob Kovack


All-Time Top Five NBA Centers

Check out Clayton Ruley's distinguished picks and send your comments too! He don't mind conversation at all!


Isiah Thomas and the State of the NY Knicks

Are the Knicks just bad for this upcoming season or a few seasons? Clayton Ruley gives some answers out!


2006 NBA Free Agency Is Here: Big Ben Is Leaving Detroit Will AI Be Next?

By Clayton Ruley


Leave Him Alone: Why We Bonds Should Be Left Alone

A Barbershop Notebook by Dr. Marc L. Hill


2006 NBA Finals Preview

Clayton's not perfect but he does make some good points! If only the Finals was the best two out of three!


Charles Barkley: Best Power Forward Ever

Yeah we said it!


Donovan McNabb Deserves Better

A fan favorite piece written by Jorge Perez


Thoughts On The NBA Dress Code

Commentary courtesy of Dr. Marc L. Hill. Rules
courtesy of David Stern!


Three Quarterbacks Busting Down Doors and Collecting Wins

New Year's 2006 was especially sweet for these three big time college QBs!


A Few Answers For The Philadelphia Eagles

They sure do need some after a dissapointing season!


(T.O.)o Big to Be Hurting

Dr. Marc Hill, a talks about Terrell Owens, The Philadelphia Eagles and why its possible for a millionaire to want more and actually deserve it.


Political Athletes Part Two

Clayton Ruley writing and Courtney Williams with research, give you a brief look into athletes who made a difference on and off the field.


Philly Top 10 Athletes

Bob Kovack listens to sportstalk then he sits in front of his computer unit and gets a chance to write about it.  All you have to do is read!


Philadelphia Flyers

Making moves for the Stanley Cup


Double Whammy: Hollywood & Sports

Check out writer Rob Bell's latest!


NFL Preseason Rankings

To be the best you have to beat the best!


Top Spectator Events

What major event is number one?


Chaney Was Wrong But...

We get on Chaney too but lets share the blame for this debacle!


Rearing It's Ugly Head
Writer Rob Bell bring us sports, media and politics in a dish served cold.



The Constant Truth about insecurity of the NFL contract, the Philadelphia 76ers and his picks for the 2009 NBA Finals


What do you think of the recent New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez's admission that he used banned substances?

I gave up on baseball a long time ago.


San Francisco Giants pitcher Randy Johnson became the 24th MLB pitcher to win at least 300 games? Johnson is 45 years old and not the dominant player he used to be but he did when a ring with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001.



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