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Today is:
Brian Dawkins leaves the Eagles nest.
By Clayton Ruley

The Eagles let go of 13 year veteran safety Brian Dawkins and many in Philadelphia are shocked.

The team let Dawkins walk to Denver to play out his career when many felt Dawkins could be the one Eagles who could finish his career in the city of Brotherly Love. Dawkins was a leader on the field and off of it, bringing passion and hard hitting on the field and class off of it. Dawkins took a five year deal for $17 Million with about $7-9 or it guarenteed and that seems to be the straw that broke the Eagles back. Many reports say the Eagles were trying to pay Dawkins about $8 million over two years.

Dawkins is likely playing on his last contract and the security of guarenteed big money was probably to big to pass up and I can't blame him.

Dawkins leaves the Philadelphia Eagles and fans who only have memories of their "Weapon X"


The Broncos wanted Dawkins for his leadership and was willing to overpay for it. Dawkins won't have to cover the same amount of area because he will be playing with shutdown and certain hall of fame cornerback Champ Bailey. There were many people who would say Dawkins isn't the same he was five years let long the one they drafted and I agree but he was also caught looking bad because of the teams young players on defense including the linebacking core of Akeem Jordan, Stewart Bradley, Chris Gocong and Omar Gaither.

Dawkins made the NFL Pro Bowl last season and with good reason. His motivation after the Baltimore loss propelled the team to a unlikely playoff run and this close to a Super Bowl appearance.

Sometimes it's not what you do but how you do it and the Philadelphia Eagles while successful in so many aspects still haven't see the light, in my opinion when it comes to this aspect of their negotiations. Maybe it's having the lead personel guy being the head coach as well. Maybe it's having a numbers guy in Joe Banner being a lead negotiator. Whatever the case there have been too many former players who felt the process of resigning was slighted to make the player seem lacking for this practice to be made up.

Dawkins said himself he will always be an Eagle and that will certainly be true. He will be missed.



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