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Today is:
2007 NBA Draft Lottery Pick Predictions
By Clayton Ruley

1.Portland Trailblazers - Greg Oden, C, Ohio State
This pick is a no-brainer...big men win titles the only one who didn't
was Patrick Ewing and we know why he did...MJ!

2.Seattle Supersonics - Kevin Durant, SF, Texas
No true second place score, Durant will be a premier swingman for years
to come and will benefit from the example of Ray Allen.

3.Atlanta Hawks - Al Horford, PF, Florida
The best power forward in the draft, Horford runs the floor, can hit a 12 jumper and is explosive. He's also a winner (2-time national
championshipwinner at Florida)

4.Memphis Grizzlies - Mike Conley, Jr, PG, Ohio State
There may be a trade here because a Center who blocks shots is only available at number one. Conley is said to be the best point in the draft and is known for making others better while possessing a tough
drive to the basket. Think of a lesser Tony Parker.

5.Boston Celtics - Yi Jianlian, PF, China
Boston was disappointed to not draft lower and will look to trade if possible but this Chinese player is known as the best since Yao Ming and is a legit 7 footer. While not a center, he can hit the three and provide spacing for Al Jefferson and the drivers on the team like Paul
Pierce and the young Gerald Green.

6.Milwaukee Bucks - Jeff Green, SF, Georgetown
Milwaukee will love this versatile player that likes to make his players better. With Green added to Charlie Villanueva at the four and Andrew Bogut at the 5 this team should be good for a while.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves - Corey Brewer, SG, Florida

The Wolves need perimeter defense and some scoring ala Latrell Sprewell and Brewer can do it all. At 6-8 Brewer plays with the tenacity of a undersized guard trying to stay on the team and he's still no shown his total game.

8 . Charlotte Bobcats - Brandan Wright, PF, North Carolina
Another homestate kid (college anyway) stays in North Carolina! The 6'10 Wright is versatile enough to play 3 positions and will help Emeka Okafor and Adam Morrison in the frontcourt. Talk also has them talking
to Phoenix about trading this pick so look out. Should also help if they lose Gerald Wallace to free agency.

9. Chicago Bulls - Spencer Hawes, C, Washington
Ben Wallace even at 30 plus years old was a good pickup but the Bulls can afford to stock a young 7 footer on its bench to pair with Tyrus Thomas in the future. Leaving in only his freshman year, Hawes is said to have nice low post moves and room to grow.

10. Sacramento Kings - Al Thornton, SF, Florida State
The Kings have needs at every position because they have no one untradeable player so they can take an young athletic player many compare to go to Shawn Marion of Phoenix. This 6'7 player will help the
Kings in the transition and boy can he finish!

10. Atlanta Hawks -Javaris Crittendon , PG, Georgia Tech
Desperate for a point guard this 6-8 point gives the Hawks their best lead guard since Doc Rivers potentially He brings a willingness to get others involved and the size which the Hawks desperately lack.

11. Indiana Pacers - Joakim Noah, PF, Florida
This 6-10 2-time winner at Florida will be a good sub on Indiana providing more depth and a winning pedigree. The son of tennis star Yannick, Noah is a shot block and good leader.This pick could also be traded because Indiana has been putting O'Neal on the

12. Philadelphia 76ers - Julian Wright, SF, Kansas
The Sixers have plenty of wants in the draft including PF and SF/SG depend on where they envision Andre Iguodala. The team is trying to trade down but if not they want the best player available and that's Wright, a 6-8 player who could play three positions possibly. Many say
he needs to work on his jumper but his strength are his attitude, athleticism, ball handling and passing. If that's familiar it should because people heard the same of Iguodala. The team could also try and trade back for multiple picks in the mid-teens/early twenties.

13. New Orleans Hornets - Nick Young, SG, USC

The Hornets need some scoring pop from the two-guard spot to go along with Chris Paul so why not draft who many consider to be the best shooter in the draft. At 6-6, Young can hit the mid-range shots and has fury to the basket.

14. Los Angeles Clippers - Acie Law IV, PG, Texas A&M

The loss of Shawn Livingston this past season due to an ACL injury was the sign the Clips needed to get! They need a point who can learn from veteran Sam Cassell and has the potential to start!


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