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Top Ten Sports Spectator Events
By Bob Kovack

The brackets came out, the seeds were assessed, some bubbles have burst and some teams out there are still waiting to wear the slipper of Cinderella.  March Madness is upon us.

This is college basketball's NCAA tournament and over three weeks 63 college basketball games have been played to determine the best team in the nation.  It does not get any better than this, with millions across the country are preparing their excuses to get out of work to watch the games with friends.

The NCAA tournament is a must see for any type of sports fan and here is a top 10 list of can't miss sporting events that captivate a nationwide audience no matter if you are a fan of the sport or not:

10. Stanley Cup Finals:  Remember that sport called hockey?  The Stanley Cup is the most historic and may be the most respected trophy in sports.

9. College Football's BCS Title Game:  College football is great and this should be higher on the list, but the powers that be in college football refuse to have a playoff system.  A playoff system could rival the excitement of the NCAA college basketball tournament, could.

8. The Masters:  Golf is not for me, but the ratings do not lie.  I even usually catch the last hole.

7. A Heavy Weight Title Fight:  Great fights are few and far between, but the hype before a big heavy weight title fight is like nothing else.

6. The Olympic Games:  They have probably lost their luster a bit since more and more professionals have entered the events, but it is still great drama to watch athletes play for their respective countries.  Who could ever forget the "miracle on ice"?

5. The Kentucky Derby:  The first Saturday in May the best horses in the business "run for the roses" and everybody watches.  There are people that couldn't decipher between a trifecta and a triple play, but they still watch this historic race.  The hope of hitting big on that trifecta does not hurt the event either.
4. NBA Finals:  The NBA game has slipped in recent years, but watching the two best teams battle it out in a seven game series is always fun to watch.

3. The World Series:  Football owns America, but baseball is still America's past time and every single pitch in the Series is crucial.  The game could turn on the smallest of plays and if there is a game seven, Wow!  Nothing better in sports than a World Series Game Seven. 

2. NCAA Tourney:  March Madness has taken on a life of its' own.  Who is not in an office pool?

1. The Super Bowl:  The Super Bowl has turned into a national holiday.  The ratings and the money the NFL charges for advertising speak for itself.  This event will never be topped.

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