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Today is:
Top 10 Athletes In Philly
By Bob Kovack

Mike Missanelli, of 610 WIP recently had an interesting debate on the radio about who are the top 10 stars, out of the four major professional teams in Philadelphia.  It is not as easy as you might think and it got me to thinking about my list.


So here are my top ten "stars" in Philadelphia sports.  My definition of a star is someone that is one of the best at their particular position, who is always in the spotlight, well known even outside the whelm of sports and one who you simply cannot get enough of.  So without further ado, here it is.


10. Chris Webber (Sixers):   Webber barely hangs on to stay in the top 10, but he is still a big name on a team that has none besides Allen Iverson.

9. Billy Wagner (Phillies):   He is one of the top closers in baseball and people still hold their breath, waiting to see if the radar gun hits 100 mph.

8. Jeremiah Trotter (Eagles):   He was the spark that ignited the Eagles defense after they finally inserted him at starting middle linebacker and everybody loves the "ax-man."

7. Chase Utley (Phillies):   Utley is one of the few Phillies that fans actually love to watch with his hustle and determination.  The man plays the game the right way and three years from now may crack the top three of this list.

6. Brian Westbrook (Eagles):   Behind McNabb, Westbrook is the most important guy on the Eagles offense and everybody always pulls for the little guy with a whole lot of flare.

5. Brian Dawkins (Eagles):   The best at his position, a leader in the locker room and his jersey sells more than Donovan McNabb.

4. Peter Forsberg (Flyers):   He is arguably the best player in the NHL and has made the entire town of Philly forget about the strike.

3. T.O. (Eagles):   The man goes by two letters and love him or hate him, nobody could get enough of him over the past several months.

2. Donovan McNabb (Eagles):   He is the quarterback on a team that made it to the Super Bowl last year and made it to the NFC title game four years in a row.  Also he is playing in a city that is ruled by football.

1. Allen Iverson (Sixers):   He transcends the game of basketball and still owns this city.  He is the greatest little man to ever play in the NBA.  In this day and age of sports he is one of the few players left who is all by himself worth the price of admission.


Is A.I. number one?  Who was left off?  Send any comments/questions to .




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