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Today is:
Ok Eagles...You Better Be Right On This One!
By Clayton Ruley

The Philadelphia Eagles let go of a leader on and off the field in Jeremiah Trotter with mixed reaction. While many including Trotter himself would agree that he lost a step or two, many including teammates and fellow leaders like Brian Dawkins and Donovan McNabb question if he could have been used on this team and not disgarded.

Trotter now in his 30's didn't seem able to do what defensive coordinator Jim Johnson needed in his defense from his middle linebacker but it in true NFL fashion he helped cause the problem by having Trotter deal with so many offensive linemen because of their lack of defensive line players of size over the years.

The Eagles are now depending on players who are unproven on this team or are recovering from injuries. Omar Gaither, Chris Gocong and Stewart Bradley show promise at the linebacker position and Takeo Spikes is a former Pro Bowler but non have done it here and that distressing in this year that many people feel is a Super Bowl year for the Eagles.

The Eagles have historically been right when it comes to letting veterans go just before they hit their end and I don't doubt that play-wise Trotter has only but a little left on this team but I would have like to see him on the team for the young player to look up to and I think some place could have been made.

I appreachiate the Eagles letting Trotter go early so he can persue any opportunities there are out there and know that the team and administration (Andy Reid included) know how much he meant in the locker room. They know it so much they scheduled a farewell press conference for him, which was unusual for releasing players. I also applaud Trotter for his professionalism in the situation whether it was at the press conference or the interviews given on the radio or TV. Trotter was friendly, realistic and appreachiative of his time in Philadelphia.

Once again the NFL is a business and the Eagles let you know that but my expectations aren't changing! It's still Super Bowl or bust and if the Eagles can't stop the run, the team lacks leadership (especially the defense) and the linebacker look overwhelmed there will be many questions asked about this decision.

Trotter will go down as a top five middle linebacker in Eagles history and I hope he stays in the area. Maybe he can comeback on the team on some capacity and maybe he won't. Things happen for a reason. I hope it was the right reason. I wont even elaborate on the money the Eagles saved by cutting "The AX-Man".


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