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Today is:
NBA's Top Five @ Each Position
By Clayton Ruley

Here are my picks for the best the NBA has to offer  broken down by position. Enjoy and feel free to send your lists in..

Point Guard a.k.a. The One - The primary ball handler, one responsible for getting others involved usually. Scoring at this position used to be a bonus but now it seems it's like it's a must!

1. Steve Nash - He can score 30 and drop 20 assists when its needed

2. Jason Kidd - Kidd's still a triple double machine and finds a way to be a difference maker without scoring a lot.

\3. Chauncey Billups - "Mr. Big Shot" isn't the pass-first type but he take over games and is a leader.

4, Chris Paul - This young gun is has Iverson like qualities with a pass-willing mentality and does all the intangibles on and off the court.

5. Tony Parker - He's quick and fearless to the hoop, loves the floater and the jumper is getting money!

Honorable Mentions: Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, Andre Miller, Luke Ridnour, Daron Williams


Shooting Guard a.k.a. The Two – On most teams this person will take most of the shots especially from the outside.

1. Kobe Bryant - Great on offense and defense has that killer instinct and loves to compete.

2. Dwayne Wade - Relentless going to the hole and working to improve the jumpshot.

3. Allen Iverson - Has the experience and he[s still one of the quickest to the hole.

4. Vince Carter - Great shooter and can jump over people! Ask Frederic Weis!

5. Michael Redd - Underrated player who is taking over when Ray Allen leaves the game as the best marksman.

Honorable Mentions: Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas, Ray Allen, Manu Ginobili, Richard Hamilton


Small Forward a.k.a. The Three – A jack of all trades, usually expected to help out in the scoring, rebounding and some ball handling duties. These players are usually good defenders and can run the floor and finish.

LeBron James - Man-child who has the best set of skills and physical attributes in the NBA and bring Magic Johnson like mindset to it too!


Paul Pierce - Can do it all on offense from the post to coming off the dribble and popping that jumper.

Shawn Marion - Can jump twice when most only jump once, has a mid-range floater and hook thats look so easy to him and can hit the three too!

Ron Artest - Defensive star with the ability to guard four positions and can score 20 points on any given night.

Tracy McGrady -  Not always a leader, McGrady is not the high flyer he once was not he's starting to outthinks his opponents and settles for a much improved mid range jumper.

Honorable Mentions: Tayshawn Prince, Corey Maggette, Rashard Lewis, Andrei Kirilinko, Grant Hill,





Power Forward a.k.a. The Four – Expected to score down low and grab rebounds. Recently the four position has been more of a face up position and used to stretch the defense. A few 4's have brought the outside game to the position even hitting three pointers.  

Kevin Garnett - Garnett puts up amazing stats but needs to put up more wins! Is sometimes too unselfish and needs to work from the post more. 

Elton Brand - Brand has worked hard to improve his shot and moves off the dribble and he's a a beast on the boards.

Dirk Nowitzki - He is the best big shooter in the game by far and added some post moves that paid off, especially in last years playoffs.

Carlos Boozer - Good shot blocker, very good rebounder and powerful in the paint.

Dwight Howard - Howard is like Wilt Chamberlain in a power forward's body, led the NBA in dunks in 2004-05 but is adding more offense to his game and is a future defensive player of the year

Honorable Mentions: Amare Stoudamire, Chris Bosh, Lamar Odom,Jermaine O'Neal, Rasheed Wallace

Center a.k.a. The Five – A lot like the four but usually taller and expected to block more shots!

Tim Duncan - Not the high flyer but so smart and a joy to watch for his fundamentals.

Yao Ming - Finally starting to live up the hype and is getting a tough edge too!

Shaquille O'Neal - The old man can still play well when he's healthy but that's the big problem these days.

Chris Kaman - Surprisingly nifty with the ball in the post and can knock down the jumper. Not a weakling on defense.

Ben Wallace - Not a true center but a true distraction and  team player who can guard four positions in today's

Honorable Mentions: Alonzo Mourning, Brad Miller, Samuel Dalembert, Andrew Bogut, Joel Przybilla


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