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Today is:
Clemens Goes To Washington
By Clayton Ruley

Let's hope this saga in Baseball History is coming to an end...

Roger Clemens has spent a lot of time shaking hands recently

The Congress has the right and duty to investigate the use of steroids and human growth hormone in the game of Baseball but this needs to end...very soon! Baseball recently took this generation's greatest pitcher to Capitol Hill to testify on whether he used Human Growth Hormone like his former trainer Brian McNamee implicates he, pitcher Andy Pettitte and former 2nd baseman Chuck Knoblauch did. The other two players gave information that seems to side with McNamee's story and Pettitte, a one-time good friend of Clemens, said that he was told by Clemens himself that he was using HGH. Yet Clemens is steadfast in saying that he never used the hormone or steroids of any kind!

They say that the truth can set you free but it can also can ruin a reputation for Clemens so there are few who can blame Clemens for putting up some kind of fight but this is ridiculous! Clemens has been smoozing with congressmen and draping himself in patriotism while down on Capitol Hill and unfortunately due to the bi-partisan politics it has seemed to work with Republican leaders coming down on McNamee hard instead of being partial to no one and Democrats coming down on Clemens.

Now the Mitchell Report was supposed to expose the world to the rampant usage of Steroids and HGH and it has to a point but this whole going back and trying to get people from the past is a little too late! Major League Baseball dropped the ball when it's testing allowed these athletes the ability to do these drugs without reprecusions and they deserve just as much as (if not more than) the players and the powers that be need to focus on improved drug testing and think towards the future!

In the end, Major League Baseball will be tainted and so will it's records but I doubt they will have enough evidence to strike the records and if so what does that say about baseball today? The game has had different eras and this will undoubtedly go down as one of them so lets move on with the knowledge that it existed but not drag down individuals names into the mud and look for a bunch of fall guys! Forgive but never forget!

Brian McNamee isn't the best witness the committee could have used but to say because he lied in the past or sold drugs that he can be trusted to tell the truth when other corroborate the story is in bad judgement and the senators who said that need to get a grip on reality! This will be the same people who cut jobs, education and resources in the country's dwellings and complain that a disabled someone steals food for his children because he has little to no income coming from the government! People can change their ways or at least know that there is a difference between lying to city cops and the nation's highest body of legislation!

McNamee had little to no known reason to implication Clemens and Clemens wasn't even mentioned in original reports. McNamee isn't a saint but lets give the human race a little more credit! He could write a book or make money before he dropped Clemens name because of the magnitude of this subject. I don't want to hear this was all for the money! It's America and sadly sensationalized journalism will grab his story up regardless.

Clemens is a Hall of Famer before and after this mess

I'm not in Clemens corner by any means but's please try to remember that Roger Clemens was a hall of fame pitcher before he allegedly started using HGH and he should be one when the dust clears! I'm glad to see that someone other than Barry Bonds is getting some of the wrath of the country and It's sad that the games to best players in the last 30 years, Bonds and Clemens, are deep into legal issues and not for off the field actions but they weren't the only ones.

The system in place had a huge part in making this debacle what it is today! Many weren't complaining when Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa where bombing baseballs out of parks and making history and there were plenty of whispers then so lets not get high and mighty and start doing it now!

Are these athletes wrong? Yes dead wrong but many are trying to keep up with the Jones and without big brother doing supervision will do whatever it takes for the fame, records and money! The sad thing is there are a lot of baseball players who didn't use and many will be forgotten because they often didn't compete with these juiced players! The game deserved better but just like an abused can only save itself when it admits it has a problem!

Any questions, comments, suggestions email Clayton at

Taken back when training was his main concern now Brian McNamee is in the middle of this steroids debacle.



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