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Today is:
All parties are to blame
By Clayton Ruley

I've gone to bat for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb before and I've also got on his case (especially after the T.O. debacle) this time I've got to do a little of the two. McNabb has finally decided to speak up for himself (against the organization even) but it's not good because he's decided to pass the buck of responsibility to everyone else except himself. For once in his 9 year career with the Eagles it would be nice to hear McNabb take some blame for his own performance.


In any facet of life It's about accountability and McNabb has never seemed to get that his job as a quarterback is to take the criticism when you lose and all of the praise heaped upon you when you win. McNabb would have seemed like a warrior for coming back early from a ACL tear in his knee if he just let the people know he was indeed unsure of what his results on the field would be given the injury and less smug like he seems to portray on a regular basis.


McNabb isn't lying when he says he's not the only person to blame when it comes to the Eagles record this season but he's a major piece and needs to keep his teammates playing for him. But let us not just talk about McNabb, the Eagles have let him deal by himself for a while and now it's coming home to bite them in the butt!


When compared to the top notch quarterbacks it's clear that Andy Reid, the personnel guy, let down McNabb and Reid, the coaching guy  when it came to weapons on the field and even though Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown are two of the better receivers McNabb has had it's not good enough. Payton Manning has Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark to pass to. Tom Brady, even excluding his current players had dependable players like Troy Brown, David Givens and Deion Branch.


That lack of talent in key positions coupled with injuries, the disappointing offensive line and the lack of turnovers and playmakers on a young but surprisingly decent (save that last 1:58 versus Chicago) defensive has made it hard for the Eagles to look decent versus anyone this season!


Do players like jetttisoned players like Terrell Owens, Derrick Burgess and Stallworth look too expensive or too bad now? Do you think the Eagles still believe that linebackers aren't worth the money? How have Jevon Kearse and Darren Howard worked out so far? It will be sad if McNabb goes without the chance to compete with great playmakers on the field on both sides of the ball to help him out.

When the defense was great the offense was crappy and in 2004, the only year they had a number one receiver they went to the Super Bowl. The Eagles had a good five to seven years in the limelight of the NFC and now they seem to have nothing to show for it.


This off-season will be crucial for owner Jeff Lurie and the Eagles brass. Some questions they may have to consider...

Andy Reid needs take a huge portion of the blame for the state of the Eagles.

Do they relieve Reid of his coaching and/or personnel decision making duties?

Does Reid choose to pick his family over his livelihood?

Can you trust him and his staff to make good decisions for the future?

Does McNabb get a chance to play with the Eagles, a second year off of surgery? Does he get more help?

Andy Reid's play calling has been terribly dependent on the McNabb of old and defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has been predictable.

Does Johnson hang up his hat and retire?

I won't even bring up Reid's kids and the distraction that's probably had on the coach.

Time will tell and there's a lot to be determined in the second half of this season.


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