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Today is:
 A Preview For The MLB Second Half Of The Season And More
By Bob Kovack

The surprise of the AL (besides the Tigers) is the first place Texas Rangers, who would of thought they would be in first place after trading Alex Rodriquez. The other guy in that trade, Alfonso Soriano is fresh off his All-Star MVP performance is having a career year. The rest of the team has not been so bad either with Hank Blalock and Mark Teixeira combing for over 40 homers and 125 RBI's. The A's and the Angels are hot on their tales and this should be another division that comes right down to the wire. Look for the Rangers to come back to earth a little bit and possible slip to third by season's end.
My prediction: The Angels win the West.

The wildcard in the AL is a no brainer, but the Boston Red Sox fans want much more than just another post-season birth.
My prediction: The Red Sox win the wild card easily.


Playoff Predictions


ALCS: Sorry to say it but the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is going to be shoved down our throats again and the Yankees will prevail once again. Simply put, they just own the Red Sox in October.


NLCS: No more curse of the goat here, the Cubs over the Cardinals as a wildcard team makes the Series again out of the NL.


World Series: I hate to make the pick, but the Yankees over the Cubs in what has the potential to be a classic.

Individual Awards


NL MVP: Barry Bonds. It is tough to argue with Bonds, especially if the Giants stay in the race till the end. My pick is Bonds even though Scott Rolen has a legitimate shot to steal because of his big numbers and the Cardinals record.


NL CY YOUNG: Jason Schmidt. Schmidt has to be the pick here with his 12-2 record and sub-two ERA. Ben Sheets of Milwaukee could be the sleeper pick if his team could win a couple more games for him.


AL MVP: Ivan Rodriquez. The Tigers equaled their win total of a year ago in mid-July and Purge is the mean reason. He has a shot to winning a batting title as a catcher, which is unheard of. Vladimir Guerrero is right there if Pudge slips up and the Angels win the West though.


AL CY YOUNG: Curt Schilling. He is pitching better than ever for the Red Sox and probably will be given the benefit of the doubt because of never winning one yet.

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