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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:

Media, Revolution and the Legacy of the Black Panther Party -  An interview with Killu Nyahsa
Hans Bennett talks to a wealth of knowledge in Ms. Killu Nyahsa about her life and experiences.

Talking Mumia with Hans Bennett
Mumia Abu Jamal and his legendary case is talked about in this interview

The BLACK-side of Politics
Written by Tamika L. Banks, this author writes about being Barack Obama and more! Written before the historic election on November 4th 2008.

Abuse and Death at SCI Smithfield
by Dave Onion with reporting by Andalusia Knoll

Philadelphia Network Updates
The Cab Workers win and the League of Women Voters file a  lawsuit.

Economic Crisis
More than 2 million homes in the US were in foreclosure in December 2007. Between January and July 2008, $690 billion in mortgages are scheduled for interest rate jumps, based on adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) contracted two years ago.

Rebuilding New Orleans
This second anniversary of hurricane Katrina's destruction of New Orleans will be marked by hundreds of meetings and demonstrations to criticize what seems to be an inept, racist government's response marked by cronyism and class indifference.

Kent State 1970
Thirty-seven years ago last Friday, Ohio National Guard troops on the campus of Kent State University pointed their bayoneted M-1 rifles at anti-war protesters

The Idolatry of Capitalism
There is today a new form of Idol worship that exists in Churches and institutions of Faith. It is the worship of Capitalism as an almost sacred thing.

Homlessness Radio
The Tenth Annual Homelessness Marathon

Resisting Corporate Power in Colombia
Hans Bennett interviews Aviva Chomsky

Immigrants are People
A closer look at the politics of Immigration.

Is Honoring Mumia a crime?
Philadelphia files criminal charges against French cities supporting black death-row prisoner.

Katrina's aftermath reveals fight for a New America without poverty
At the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and as the midterm congressional elections approach, it's more clear than ever that the Democrats are no different than the Republicans when it comes to representing the interests of the poor.

High Costs of Prisons Not Paying Off
The report, "Confronting Confinement," by the National Prison Commission, says legislators have passed get-tough laws that have packed the nation's jails and prisons to overflowing with convicts, most of them poor and uneducated. However, politicians have done little to help inmates emerge as better citizens upon release.

Whose Space?
Big Media has its eyes on the internet. Since backing off of major internet ventures after a number of high-profile missteps during the initial dot-com boom of the 1990s, the "old-line" media companies are aggressively pursuing a plan to lay their claim on the internet by acquiring once-independent internet companies.

Detroit Water Battle Surges Ahead
Detroit, like other major cities, is struggling with double-digit unemployment, rampant political corruption, a rise in homelessness, hunger, and people without healthcare.

KABC-AM Radio Attacks Eastside Charter School
Recently, KABC-AM talk radio, which the right-wing has used for years to spout their ugly divisive politics, has targeted ASDP for closure because "they do not instill 'American' values.

Philly Misses Public Access Opportunity
For 23 years cable companies have reneged on their obligation to provide public access television to Philadelphia.

The Economic Crisis
Katrina's cost in human suffering is immeasurable -- but clearly the politicians aren't worried about that. The cost in material damage is in the neighborhood of $200 billion.

Algorhythmic Redemption
Can music still ignite meaningful political debate?

War on the Poor
Look closely and you'll see the signs.

Not Fit For Man Nor Beast
Philadelphia's working families and poor are feeling the chill in their homes.

Katrina Lessons
What should we have learned? Did we learn anything?

Who's Responsible?
A Brief Look At Accountability and Economics In Academics by Courtney Williams

Food or Guns
When people have lost everything and still need to survive what then is left?

Visualizing Another Way...
Writer Shaina Adams shares her views on achieving peace after spending time in Isreali occupied Palestine.

Should African American History be Mandatory?
If students were aware of how their ancestors contributed to the establishment of this country it will increase their sense of self-worth and possibly their civic involvement.

On the Move: 20 Years Later
Revisiting the events of May 13,1985

Accounting Numbers For 2004
The statistical information will surprise you!

We are African
A Rant by Alem Jazz

Free dom?
I will not assume that our definitions are the same.

Karl Rove 
Questions of Accountability

R U Serious 
The American Political Structure

Immaculate Deception 
Is AmeriKKKa  a Christian nation?

Without Debate: The logic of the enemy
Both candidates for president agree that the American republic needs to have an "enemy." They may have differing views on how to rein this "enemy" in

The Facts on Poverty
Statistics on hunger, wealth, healthcare and many more.

Hip Hop Guide to  the Democrats
Facecard gives the goods on a politician and why their like a Hip Hop counterpart.

Journey Through Palestine:
Colonialism at home and abroad Part 2

What a Rush
Rushbo can still maintain his aloofness when his own questionable past falls under the microscope.

The NIJ Report
Colonialism at home and abroad Part 1

A little about Cosby...
Cosby's Comments and Black America

Lessons from Abu-Ghraib
We are talking about torture as in Pinochet in Chile, Francois (Papa Doc) Duvalier in Haiti, and Mugabe in Zimbabwe

European Union Expansion
An Olive Branch in the Eye of Global Disorder?

Shoot the Messenger?
A glance at recent history would reveal war is as American as apple pie

The Fine Line of Censorship
Kasia uncovers the fine art of censorship

The Rant - 01
Food for the soul

Government in Africa
A passionate look at the state of government in Africa
How Poverty is Constructed
The politics of poverty
Mumia Abu-Jamal in Growing Danger
Where his case stands now.
An indepth analysis of France's New Secularization Law.
Hustle of the Month
The Hiding of America’s Poor.
The Origins of Chaos in Liberia
A look into the Civil War that is tearing apart Liberia.
Housing Matters
The Politics behing housing.
The Relationship between Politics and Art
If you think that everything in this country and in our world is fine, then read no further.
Fear or Freedom: Is There a Difference
The nation's scare tactics, and what are its effects on the people.

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