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Immigrants Are People

By Reeze

America boasts to be the land of freedom, the place where so many rights were gained and are upheld. The one place where all are created equal and possess the same civil rights. African Americans, women, and so many other groups had to struggle to earn their place in society as an equal. In this day and age it seems like all the different groups have gained their rights and all is well.


Yet I see a group of individuals that are known to be driven, have magnificent morals, and try to live an honest life in this country. One would think that these upstanding "citizens" would thrive in this land of freedom just as many have before. Yet everyday I see and hear about the lack of civil rights for these people. I too belong to this group and have to struggle everyday due to the lack of rights, rights that so many others take for granted and even misuse. Simple everyday rights that make up the very foundation of society.


A simple right to go to work everyday, to provide a way to support oneself. A right to higher education, to expand ones knowledge for the advancement of not only oneself but the advancement of mankind. Such an insignificant looking right as to have a state issued ID in which to identify oneself. Even the right to own or rent a home in which to live.


In this day and age any individual who witnessed these lack of rights would be appalled at such an injustice. But so many, blatantly support this lack of liberty with such a passion that leaves one wondering what has brought such discontent. People that fight to eradicate this group and have gotten to the level of discriminating yells like "go back to where you came from" and "nobody wants you here". I'm sure much of my group wonders what we have done to bring this fury upon us.


In every race, society, gender and religion, there are always people who brake the law, waste their opportunities and hurt the community in one way or another. Which brings me to some brainstorming on what possible reasons the typical fellow citizen can have for supporting the lack of rights I fore mentioned. If every race, society, gender and religion has these people then there would be no reason to point out such individuals in a certain group. Yet it happens. Many people in ones struggling group are subjected to accusations that my group should "go back to where they came from" or "are not wanted here" because they are criminals or hurt the community in some type of way. If every different group has criminals and individuals who hurt the community then why are these excuses used to enable the withholding of such fundamental rights? Why must a certain group undergo such discrimination? Is the basic principle of our group hurting anyone? Is wanting the "American dream" such a sin?


History is often used as a tool to learn, a way for humanity to not repeat its mistakes. It is known that in the past many groups have had to endure great injustices. Hurdles that at the time seemed impossible to overcome. The struggle of such groups as African Americans. Once treated not as people but as property and stripped of their rights as part of humanity. At one time, great ones like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X foresaw a future where not only their group but all groups would never again be stripped away of their liberty, rights and pursuit of happiness. Then why must this still continue? Why should your place of birth stop you from pursuing happiness in this great country of freedom? Why must this country make it so hard for my group to make an attempt at success in this beautiful place I choose to call home?


History also enlightens me and brings me to a very important truth. A truth that many others fail to see in their blinding rage. Everyone in the United States is a part of my struggling group. We are all one giant group. The group that left their birthplace looking for a better tomorrow, for a place where our rights as human beings would be upheld, for a land of opportunity.


No one can argue that they do not belong to my group, our group. Even the Native Americans at one time immigrated to this place for the same reasons as the rest of us. So, if we are all one group then why should some receive these rights and others not. The ancestors of many were just looking for a new place to call home which is what many more are trying to do now yet it has been made almost an impossible task to do. If there was an easier way for people to lawfully become part of the right having US people then all "would" be well. A system where there would be opportunity and freedom to choose this beautiful land as home. A road to civil rights that would be feasible to people of all economic backgrounds, all birthplaces equally and not biased on pure numbers. Better yet a way in for my group that has already chosen to make this country our home.


Back to the accusations put on to our group. Many say that our group is a cost to tax payers, that we take away opportunities for others to work, go to school, etc. If our group is a cost to tax payers then why not make the problem part of the solution. Why not allow our group to become taxpayers? Wouldn't the influx of revenue help this land? This is a solution that would benefit all. Also, how can our group take away opportunities? Doesn't this land have room for incredible growth? Is there really no way that we can all end up with a piece of the imaginary pie that is the American dream? Why would a group make such an effort to call this land home if not to help improve it with such tools as education and eventual employment?


Many would argue that they are just protecting what's theirs. I understand this patriotic desire to protect what we all stand for. Many have died for this cause. What needs to be understood is that by giving these rights to our group one is doing just that. One is not saying to let everyone in the world into this land but by improving the road there's much benefit to be had. By making it more attainable for individuals who want to improve themselves and this land to make this place home along with improvements in protecting the borders we can keep the individuals hurtful to the community like criminals, from destroying our home, yes our home.


With all those issues solved then there would be no reason for our group not to regain our civil liberty and truly be considered as part of this land of freedom. There is an ongoing struggle for our group and one feels that it should end. I as an individual know that as long as I have breath in my lungs I will fight for the rights that our people and me deserve. We are all one group and we should stand united, and then indivisible as part of the United States of America. This is my dream and it is going to become a reality.




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