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Today is:
The Hip Hop Guide to the Democrats
By Facecard a.k.a. Benjamin Franklin

In the dog days of summer we have reached the brief eye within the storm that is the quadrennial presidential election the break between the Democratic and Republican Conventions.   For the political knowledgeable the question remains, "What have we learned about the Democratic Candidates that we did not know before?"


For those who do not follow politics that closely, the Democratic convention and its well rehearsed, excellently executed (but still obvious) and overly positive speeches and presentation may have become confusing.


So for those I provide the
Hip Hop Guide to the Democrats

Bill Clinton aka Jay-Z

Song lyrics that sound like Clinton quotes: "Don't throw stones at the throne", "What more can I say?"   "I got a condo with nothing but condoms in it."


The similarities are consistent throughout both of their careers. Both are now synonymous with the region they are from (Arkansas, Brooklyn) but have the respect and admiration of their colleagues and peers in all parts of the country and have managed to work them successfully. Both "gracefully bowed" out at the top of the game and have managed to be equally successful in the next phase of their career (Book sales, NBA ownership). Both have had questionable/ controversial dealings with women (Paula Jones & Monica Lewinsky, Foxy Brown & Amil) during their ascension and have been accused of being a "user" of women. While in the top spot both have presided over the greatest period of prosperity, the Country had record low rates of unemployment and gas was cheap and rappers went platinum and received endorsements like never before. Both are also surrounded by the shadow of a similar predecessor (JFK, B.I.G) and the what if's surrounding their early demise. And let's not forget the nicknames: Bubba and Jigga.


Al Gore aka Nas

Claims that make you wonder what both are thinking: Gore: "I invented the internet"; Nas: "I am God's Son"


Sometimes even though more people think you should have won, you still lose. Both Gore and Nas experienced this. Gore (despite taking more popular votes) would be defeated in the Electoral College; Nas (despite recording, "Ether" the most intense dis record of all time) would become remanded to the rank of second tier rapper. Other similarities include both of their favorable resumes when compared to the person that would ultimately defeat them (Gore: a veteran & multi-term Senator; Nas: author of possibly the best rap album of all time & along with B.I.G co- savior of the East Coast).

Both also decided to take a step back from the spotlight and reinvent themselves and have since maintained they have no desire for the top spot.


John Kerry aka 50 cent

Quotable phrase: " When I." (was in Vietnam, got shot 9 times)


If you are having a hard time seeing this one, I don't blame you, but it's all there. Since both men are currently on the cusp of achieving the top position in their respective field let's take a close look at 3 major factors that make these two alike


Credibility factor: John Kerry, military service/ 50 cent, jail time.


Controversy: Young Kerry's testimony to Senate about war crimes in Vietnam committed by U.S. soldiers/ Young 50's single "How to Rob." that names prominent MC's as targets for tongue-in-check jack moves.


Timing: Kerry has become the man after a slew of other Democratic candidates failed to excite the imagination or interest of voters. Remember how Howard Dean's use of the internet and stranglehold on "young voters" guaranteed him a win? Turns our that "young voters don't really vote. / 50 is the leader of the East Coast's second renaissance. Remember when his debut dropped, Jay-Z had announced his retirement and if the song wasn't from the South or Murder Inc. you probably weren't going to hear it on the radio or in the club. Also Remember when Ja Rule controlled the charts? Turns out 13-year old girls don't decide who the King of New York is.


If that wasn't enough think about this: If   Kerry wasn't a combat veteran and a Massachutes Democrat with Ivy League pedigree and the familiar initials of "JFK" would he be here? If 50 weren't an East Coast rapper who served time in jail, been shot and aligned himself with Dr. Dre and moved out West like another famous rapper whose name starts with a number,   would he be here?   


Then there are the members of Kerry's team, wife Teresa, an African born, former Republican heiress and, VP candidate Edwards, a Southern trial lawyer that is all smiles and positive energy that has become the theme for the convention versus the two most prominent members of the G-Unit, Young Buck, a Memphis raised rapper with ties to New Orleans through Cash Money's Juvenile and Lloyd Banks, a rapper who is know for his punchlines and ability to turn a phrase, who raises the lyrical quotient of the group significantly.

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