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Today is:
The Constitution of Scoundrels
By Ace

Rush Limbaugh is a nightmarish testament to the hypocrisy of the American right wing. He is one of the most notable symbols of their inherent self-delusions that they must stubbornly wield to maintain their complex web of contradictory beliefs and overlapping neuroses. The self-proclaimed “El Rushbo” has been polluting the airwaves for years, spreading his vehement platform of self-righteousness while prescribing his own medicine for the ills of our society. Speaking from his insulated bully pulpit, far removed from the unsightly realities he feels to be an expert on, his support base holds sway in the Washington elite.

Some would say this was wishful thinking on the part of the Rushbo, but having Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas seal his third nuptial (recently dissolved by the devout Christian) does in fact warrant that his voice has some reverberation down in Washington. The fascist taste that may be left in one’s mouth after discovering that one of the highest judges in our nation, one who interprets and enforces our laws in this free bled democracy, is catering to this baffling ignoramus reveals the sad state of affairs our country is in. It comes as no surprise but exposes that one of our most powerful judges has no regard for ethics whatsoever. (Lest we not forget Anita Hill)

One would think that the Rushbo, who holds such high standards for his public and private servants, after his recent coup de grace dealing with his own addiction to narcotics (after he has gone on air condemning drug addicts for being lowlife scumbags) that his audience would not be able to stomach his holier-than-thou attitude. Some would think that the power brokers down in Washington who align themselves with him would distance themselves from a man whose integrity was so publicly blemished.

The voting base of rednecks, right wing wackos, and the Christian right, who our president tries to woo with his every public appearance, cannot encompass his entire audience can they?

Can they be blamed for their own malfeasance, or is it an inherent flaw in their narrow worldviews?

The irony blares neon red, white and blue. The hypocrisy becomes this distorted flags 50 stars of self-denial because these by nature intolerant people who scream for tougher drug laws and more prisons cry compassion for their afflicted Rushbo. In his case we should pray but for the inner city crack users, they should repent and rot in a prison cell. They’re criminals; Rushbo’s sick and needs help. They go to jail; Rushbo goes to rehab while his struggling maid, who he swindled into filling his illegal prescriptions, bears the brunt of his dealings in societies underbelly, the social circuit he so viciously attacks in his show.

Now his self-immolating neurosis blares the neon red, white, and blue that he litters his website, clothing line, living room mantelpiece with. His stars of hypocrisy are that he is no different than the people he so harshly criticizes. With a flash of introspection and an ounce of compassion Rush would realize that we are in pain and sometimes we seek harmful crutches and that being addicted to a drug does not make one a lowlife scumbag!

But no! He still hasn’t wavered in his self-excluding convictions that reinforce his dubiousness. These colors of Rushbo don’t run. (Thomas Jefferson, himself a duplicitous man, noted that patriotism was a scoundrels last resort.)

Rushbo is no redneck and he’s no hustler from the street. He comes from a privileged pedigree and a private school, not too distant from his meat and potatoes demographic consisting of upper class business professionals. His clothing lines are named after cheesy golf courses like Pebble Beach and he offers high dollar gold plated pens adorned with his signature, reminiscent of some high class fashion designer.

Our Rushbo, the good lapdog Republican he is bears our presidents seal of approval. In fact, they’ll both sell it you for just the right price. (The flagstaff of fascism) Similar to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who was supposedly investigating Vice President Dick Cheney while he spent a weekend with him on a duck hunting retreat and then defended his transgressions in the light of day, the Rushbo can still maintain his aloofness when his own questionable past falls under the microscope. His inalienable rights, the power of the wealthy elite who he so painfully represents, can not only buy cash and carry policy, but also can have it served to him for free.

In Rushbo’s case, his came in the form of the most sacred vows another human can exchange with another. That marriage, performed by a misogynist egomaniac wasn’t about love or life-long happiness. It was an excuse for shameful braggadocio and a reminder to us all that like every good old boy, the laws are practically written for them, by them, and the Constitution defines their claim on earth and in heaven, the almighty price of sanctity reigned in by their repulsive God of opportunity.

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