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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Today is:
RANT- 01
By Frank Cardon

Sometimes I feel like punchin a business suit person in the face for propagating the destruction of the human race. Please allow me to explain my emotion, I mean what is a person without a soul, a person with no understanding of the world or even the space around them.

Can’t you see how far we haven’t come? Can’t you see how simply wrong it is? I can smell the decay of humanity with every new commercial or meaningless film, TV show or music video. An old man once told me that America would never be defeated by another country. It will eat itself from within and that it has already begun to do so.

Can’t you smell it, the dying of the soul? We walk over the fallen trying to get the money, trying to buy our way out of reality, but you can’t…it’s a lie… that man will always be there fallen on the ground whether you choose to look or not. He will be there until you put out a hand and help him up. They’ll always send our sons or daughters to war for the flimsy illusion of heroic justice disguising the real motive for murder. The few distorted non-humans that want it all despite the destruction they create to profit from. THE WAR WILL ALWAYS BE THERE until we the people stop paying for it.

Take control of your life’s energy and choose how to spend it. Always remember we pay for their existence and don’t forget cause somehow they have most of you fooled into thinking that they are the power but they are nothing with out us. They feed off of us and they fool you into putting on that business suit. So walk over that man and the next man and the next. Pay for that war and the next and the next. Allow them and their wicked concept of life to prosper and you will see that only you and we pay for it in the end with the misery of a decaying society around us where objects and paper money mean more than life itself. Please believe me… when life loses meaning there is only death, so fight the fuckin power!



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