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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh Live at Philly's Trocadero

Growing Up Hip Hop
Jamila Medley speaks on her journey through Hip Hop from nine years old onward! Guess who has a good memory?

An interview with Zed Desideraja
Deesha Dyer speaks with Zed about his unusual instrument and his art in this interview.

Talking Philly for Philly andd the Music & Mentorship Program with Meron of Vurj Media
A great program we talk with Meron about that and more.

WPEB Launches in West Philadelphia
On May 17th 2008, the rebirth of community radio in West Philly happened.

Karim Lateef discusses Brass Skins and Strings with
Lateef talks about making music in this spotlight by Deesha Dyer

Top Hip Hop Videos of All Time Past To Present
Deesha Dyer speaks with the amazing drummer doing big things!

An Interview with Sola Akingbola
Deesha Dyer speaks with the amazing drummer doing big things!

Congress Holds Hearing on Hip Hop
Live on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

New Orleans Rapper Gives "State of the City" Report
Sess 4-5 talks about what is happening in N.O. Reported on

An Interview with Reef The Lost Cause
Deesha Dyer gives Reef a refreshing interview that's about more than music!

Why Commerce is Killing the True Spirit of Hip Hop
Written by Davey D. the title speaks for itself!

How I Became A Music Pirate
.Jarrett talks about how he's turned from a music consumer to a music grabber.

New Rap Problem: Criticism From Within
People in Hip Hop are talking about what's going on with the art they love! Nekesa Mumbi Moody writes about this topic.

Free Music Has Never Looked So Cheap
Andrew Orlowski writes about how the music companies, artists and the internet are making it easy for people to get their listen on.

The End of An Era
Haile Campbell share her thoughts on the lost of a Philly staple! Filled with commentary from Philly's finest and also GeoClan members!

Spotlight on Round The Block Productions
Clayton talks with Malik Jones of RTB about the makings of a music video magnet.

An Interview with Reazon
Clayton chats with artist Reazon about his music and more.

Influential Groups in My Hip Hop Life
By Clayton Ruley

Don't Sleep Hip Hop is Alive & Well in East Africa
By Davey D.

Precious Metals
B.O.B. talks about those medals that make the music world go around.

Top Ten Types of Rappers That Are Destroying Hip Hop

An Interview with DJ Statik and DJ Phillie Blunt of The Illvibe Collective
Top notch DJs take the time to chat with the world family!

Why Hip Hop Sucks, Part Three
Dr. Marc L. Hill

Billy Preston: Musical Genius
William H. Watkins Ph.D.

African Hip Hop: On The Rise
By Khadija Shariff

R.I.P. to Hip Hop Legend Skeeter Rabbit
By Davey D.

Why Hip Hop Sucks,Part Two
The long awaited comeback from Dr. Marc Hill

Great Sagas in Hip Hop
Clayton talks about those story songs we wait to hear continue from album to album from our favorite artists

Why Hip Hop Sucks, Part One
By Dr. Marc L. Hill

CDs So Nice I Had To Buy Them Twice (or More)
By Clayton Ruley

Yet Another Hip Hop Legend Lost
Rest In Peace, Skeeter Rabbit

Is Hip Hop Dead?
One man's view.

Q-Tip Interview
Thoughts on the Music Industry today and what to expect from his upcoming album.

Great Rap Song Sagas
Friend or Foe and more!

The Roots Album Release Party
We came, We saw, and our feet still hurt

Breaking the Wall Down
Hip Hop Expands its Horizons

Musical Influences
The artists that made B.O.B. fall in love with music

What If Hip Hop Never Died
By B.O.B.

The Best of The Roots
The Philly bred artists have done their thing well for over a decade!

What If EPMD Never Came To Be?
B.O.B. gives you EPMD's impact on Hip Hop in very few words.

Remembering the artists you forgot
They are the one hit wonders

The Domination of D-Block
Jadakiss, Styles, and Sheek keep the block on lock

Who is Bad for Hip Hop?
The Source vs. Eminem

Ten Types of Rappers That Are Destroying Hip Hop
Twiz gives the list and you read the results.

The Notorious B.I.G.
Remembering one of hip hop's greatest MCs.

Big L
No, we didn't forget about Big L. Find out what made this MC so beloved.

Hip Hop Needs It's Voice Back
Constant talks about poignant lyrics and the lack of in today's Hip Hop

So Nice I Had To Buy it Twice
Music that Clayton had to re-cop after they disappeared

Our Review of the DVD that documents Beef in hip hop throughout the decades.

Will They Return
Hip Hop greatest group prepares their comeback... maybe.

Precious Metals
B.O.B.  talks about gold, platinum and more.

2004 Wish List
The music we need to cleanse our ears

Legend or Lame
Did Jay-Z ever represent Hip Hop?

F**K Hip Hop
A Hip Hop commentary from that Anomymous person!

The Best Albums of 2003
A look at the Top Albums of 2003.

The Best and Worst of Hip Hop in 2003
Find out what award Benzino won.

Hip Hop Breakfast Club
So, you wanna be a MC?

An Interview with United Soul
An old school interview with Philly's rising stars United Soul.


Which female singer from England do you love the most?

Leona Lewis



Rick Rubin

This time well-known producer Rick Rubin. Rubin is a co-founder of Def Jam Records and works with the greats in music consistently.

Read on >>

One Hip Hop' legendary artists and characters gets his own Best of.


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