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GeoReview: U City, The Fall
By Constant

Aziz and Joshua Collins made their initial gain in the minds of r&b listeners with Reflections when they were known as United Soul. Now they return with a new LP: The Fall and a new name: U City. The group has done a lot of growing up since their debut LP so lets see what it means for their music as we give them a GeoReview.

"The Rescue" starts U City's second LP The Fall and the group talks about being the clean up guys for the ladies' broken heart.

The fellas talks about a girl who changes you life when you are with her in "The Ride", a track with a banging guitar riff.

"Come Thru" has a futuristic sound and the fellas talk about letting the problems stay at door and the letting the lust develop. This cut has a summer radio single feel to it.

"Heartbreaker" is another of those cuts you can see a video and hear on the radio. Josh comes off sensual and tells a story of a confident man who does his thing but is accused of being too cold. Aziz uses his falsetto voice as he begins to tell his own story this cut shows U City's skill as a songwriters.

"Tight" has a 1970's feel to it and Aziz gets to get raspy on the chorus as the group talks about a woman making sure her man keeps her close because they will be waiting.

"Skin/Bathtub Luv" features vocal arraignments by Joshua on "Skin" and "Bathtub Luv" is the progression song. "Yes" is a smooth groove you end a night with.

"Senseless" is my favorite on the track and sounds like it could be one of their best in their young careers because of the music and the songwriting.

"Electric Lady" is one cut you can hear them on stage because of the organ and guitar sound on the track. The group shows another side to their game on this cut and shows a passion that has many women attending their shows.

Dave Ghetto comes through on "Move It", a track with an upbeat tempo that reminds you of the islands or Miami. You can get to dancing on this track and have a good time.

"Real Live" is one of the few songs that reminds me of this younger musical era of production by computer and while it's not my favorite, I understand the game and this is a good crossover track that will appeal to a younger listening crowd.

The piano work on the "All For You - Intro" is real nice and is a good lead up to "All For You", a track about knowing what you want despite the obvious distractions all around.

The LP ends with the inspirational "Each One", a song for the children and those who are down looking up. The group talks about making change and working with each other and teaching one another.

Overall, the group sings well as a group and writes some lyrics that will have the ladies feeling respected,soft, sexy and loved. These brothers love a lot and let you know on this LP. My favorite songs are "Senseless", "Tight" and "Heartbreaker". The duo continues to bring Philadelphia sound and songwriting to their projects and prove they have a strong reason to make music for the people's ear.

The LP's songs are written by Joshua and/or Aziz and they executively produced the project. Album was produced the Collins Bros. and Mike DeCastro. Production for the individual songs was done by Dinky Bingham, DeCastro, Rayfield "Ray Ray" Holloman, Kookie, Ronald "P-Nut" Frost, Steve McKie, Conley "Tone" Whitfield, Simon Illa, Demien Desandies and U City themselves.

I'll give this LP 4 GeoGlobes.


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