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GeoReview: Styles P., Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman)

By Clayton Ruley

Styles P. comes back after Independence, The Ghost Sessions and other albums/mixtapes with Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentlemen) another example of why Styles P. is one of the most consistent rappers to do rap and a hell of a solo artist in his own right. Styles consistantly states that he's the hardest out here and while that's for debate (He deserves to be in the room), he constantly shows that he's more than gun talk and drug references but an artist who knows where he came from, where he's at and where he's wants to go.

This 19-track LP gives you a little of everything you expect from P and more! a wicked collaboration with The Roots Black Thought called "Cause I'm Black". The track uses a classic sample to talk about the black experience mostly on what we go through on the negative. It isn't easy being public enemy number one!

"Gangster, Gangster" features the union known as The Lox as Sheek Louch and Jadakiss come through to torch the track. I hope I can get a group LP before the decade is over!

In a move that many probably never thought they'd see Beanie Sigel and Styles P. join force in a hard ass track called appropriately "You Aint Ready 4 Me". Many people know these tough guys were trading lines at each other in the early 2000s but both will murder you on a track! It's a military sounding track and both these cannons don't disappoint on this one!

When you think you can't enough of hot collaborations you get Ghostface Killah on "Enemy of the State". The beat isn't particularly interesting to me but the two MCs on the track are and they prove worthy adversaries. I like combos between MCs like this! Who said NY can't come together!

Styles talks about his prowess as neighborhood star in the cut "Super Gangster". P talks about being on his super grind trying to get super paper on this cut and given how many tracks he has on the streets I couldn't deny his hustle!

"Shoot N***as" sounds like a hot (hot like great not hot like temperature)horror movie and Styles along with rookie Raw Buck gets their therapy out on the track talking about what would happen when you mess with them. I remind people that most of this is rapping is unfounded talk or these two would be in jail for a long time!

Styles goes back to the age of Reagan, Crack Cocaine and HIV/AIDS in "Da 80's". This cut let Styles tell those who are doing wrong with no purpose to straighten up because the hard road is just that: HARD!

"Blow Your Mind" features Swizz Beatz and of course Styles has to pay tribute to the green stuff. It was the first single of the LP and while it is not "I Get High", the purpose is clearly identified, appreciated and loved by many.Ray J. the recent returnee to the spotlight of tabloids, sings the hook on "Let's Go", a track for the club and feeling good with a lady friend. Not sappy in anyway, this track just talks about a good time!

"Alone In The Street" is a nice track because Styles talks about being along on this world at times and wanting to see more and do more even when it makes sense to take it down for the night.

Other tracks to check out include "In It To Win It", the crazy track All I Know Is Pain "(featuring Alchemist), a reunion with Akon called "Got My Eyes On You" and "Green Piece of Paper", a track about what gets done for the dollar!

I like this LP because it's diverse and while it has a lot of collaborations it isn't without a few insightful tracks. Styles thrives on with a solid efffort.

This LP gets three GeoGlobes.





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