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GeoReview: Reef The Lost Cauze, Long Live The Cauze, Volume Two, I Am Legend Mixtape
By Clayton Ruley

Reef The Lost Cauze, a West Philadelphia native, returns with Long Live The Cause Volume Two: I Am Legend Mixtape. This 25-track piece features production by Stress, Cocaine, Duchebags, Tibby Hunter, Luke Raws, DJ Huggy, Haj of Dumhi, Dev Rocka, Eyego Direct and St. Andrews among others. Reef is busy doing his rounds around the country and internationally and you see why he's in demand on this mix as he flows with wit and cunningness and makes you wonder what took you so long to listen!

The Lost Cauze stands on his own so bonus collaborations with artists like Skyzoo, Stu Bangers, Dev Rocka, Planet Asia, Q-Unique, Viro The Virus, Ill Bill and King Magnetic are bonuses. Check out the "Clothes Off" (Stress Remix) from the Gym Class Heroes featuring Reef and Ghostface Killah, "Slow Flow", "Politics", "Class Is in Session", "Bring Back The Raw Hiphop Remix", and the unreleased "Feast or Famine" title track.

"Bomb Love" seems to poke fun at the R&B game and is funny including the riffs and attempts at singing! "Cannon" lets Reef get his venom off his chest and it seems to be a lot! "350 An Ounce", a clear reference to the trees, talks about Philly and uses the track from Jay-Z's "Roc Boys" including those lovely horns!

While the title says something in itself it's a feel good song where Reef has fun talking about green meaning go!Reef seems to poke fun at himself and others with ease and it apparent on "Hipster Rap", a track about doing cocaine and "I'm Famous", a track that borrows from Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar" cut.

I like the mix because it's a long and short ride at the same time. While it's 25 tracks, it's a little over an hour and you won't get bored. I particularly liked the slower tracks that let Reef build a story like "The Ghost" and "Lonely Streets". I'll give it 4 GeoGlobes.


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