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GeoReview: Ne-Yo, Because of You
By Clayton Ruley

Ne-Yo is already an accomplished songwriter and singer and his second album is another example of why established artists like Mario and Usher among others. Because of You is a 12-track LP with sounds that reminds you of songs that Michael Jackson would sing a bit.

The production on the LP includes Knobody, Shea Taylor, Eric Hudson, and The Heavyweights.The cuts I like include "Crazy" featuring Jay-Z, "Because of You", the title track, "Can We Chill", a cut that reminds me of the Jackson Five, "Leaving Tonight" the strong duet with former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson, "Do You", the second single and "Go On Girl" his last album single that talks about being strong enough to move on from an treacherous female!

I caught on late but this LP is a fine one. Ne-Yo knows how to make music and his talents aren't hard to find. He seems to make music that reaches more than the sex craving teens or the young adults but those over 30 years of age too! The lyrics can be sappy at times but I'll take that because it's a jump back to the past and saying less means more.

The album receives four GeoGlobes.

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