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GeoReview: Mariah Carey, E=MC2

By Clayton Ruley

The rebirth of Mariah Carey’s singing career continues with her latest LP, E=MC2. This LP features production from Bryan-Michael Cox, The Dream, Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupri, James Poyser, DJ Toomp, Danja, Tricky Stewart among others. Carey enjoyed success with her The Emancipation of Mimi LP and showed the ability to adjust what she’s known for to work in today’s game: Her voice and sound. Let’s see how she does on this go around in this here GeoReview.

“Migrate” is a southern influenced track featunng T-Pain that has a good sound on it and let Carey talk about moving on from a bad relationship.

“Touch My Body” talks about a secret rendezvous and having fun and was the first single.

“Cruise Control” features Damien Marley and production from Jermaine Dupri. The track is about cooling down and not pressuring herself to do more than necessary.

“Stay In Love” is a return to the Mariah of the early 1990s (she’ll do that every once in a while) and she still sounds great while talking about a dying relationship.

“Side Effects” features Young Jeezy and talks about moving on from a bad relationship after a long time and many hours of deliberation.

“I’m That Chick” is a contemporary track that you can see Mariah performing while walking down the streets New York City. She talks about being the one you think of at all times.

Dupri produces “Love Story”, and Mariah talks a fast moving relationship that may be moving too fast.

“Lovin’ You A Long Time” is the third single off the LP and was produced by DJ Toomp and Carey. It’s a cute track safe for the kids and that’s rare these days. T.I. also did a remix (not available for the LP) for the song.

Other songs include the second single “Bye Bye,” a slow track that talks about loss, I Wish You Well (the best slow track on the LP), “For The Record”, “Thanx For Nothin”, and “O.O.C.”.

Overall an ok LP but very cliché and not Mariah’s best work. You can put this in your car or boombox and listen to it but you won’t listen to this over Mimi or any other LPs she’s made in the past. There is good production on this LP and Mariah’s singing is good too but there is something missing. She needs more powerful tracks on the LP that are captivating like “I Wish You Well”

I’ll give it 3 GeoGlobes.








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