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GeoReview: Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Fiasco's The Cool
By Constant

Lupe Fiasco is the Chicago MC who jumped into people's conscious after appearing on Kanye West's second LP Late Registration. His first LP, Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor was a critical success and many including this author waited for the next album to come out to see if he was more than a one hit wonder. Well the wait is over and let me tell you that Lupe doesn't disappoint the listener.

Fiasco (despite messing up the Tribe verse) is a music aficionado and shows his love the music in the sounds he brings on Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, a 20-track LP featuring Soundtrakk, Chriss Goss, Patrick Stump and Aishux among other on production. Lupe does a nice job of balancing the talk of people his age and giving the people some education.

The "Superstar" cut featuring Matthew Santos is a song that will be played for a long time to come. "Dumb It Down", is a breath of fresh air because he talks about how some artist do it for the money while he believe there is an audience for him and the music he does. The chorus features a man telling why he should dumb the music down and Lupe proceed to continue doing what he does which is special in today's music game. "Paris, Tokyo" is a mellow cut that reminds me of a rainy day walking the streets.

Snoop Dogg joins Lupe on "Hi-Definition" and they talk about their lives and tell people to enjoy theirs! "Gold Watch" has a sampled loop and Lupe rhymes about school times and growing up in Chicago. "Intruder Alert" has a serious tone as Lupe talks about rape and other violation of people, places and things.

The danger among us all gets some just shine in "Streets On Fire". Lupe uses a fast flow to talk about the dangers of the STDs out here in one verse, in particular. Education and knowledge is important to Lupe even if it's not the kind you learn in books.

"Go Go Gadget Flow" is hype entrance to the album and Lupe uses his fast flow to get you bouncing while he talks about who he is and what's new to him! "Little Weapon" talks about those youth who know nothing about life except killing and violence! A very expressive track with a lot of truths in it!

Other tracks you need to listen to include "Hello/Goodbye (The Uncool)", a rock inspired cut, The Die, a track talking about how people need to stop thinking things that bring death and pain need to change from cool to uncool, "Fighters", another track about MCs being realistic in what they promote and more, and Go Baby is for the ladies and is another fast tracks for the ladies!

Other people featured on the album include Sarah Green, Graham Burns, Gemstones, Unkle, Nikki Jean, Bishop Jean and Pooh Bear.

Lupe is an artist with a lot of long potential who seems to mix having fun and keeping people aware with ease. I wish a lot more artist be like him but then that wouldn't make as unique as he is. He doesn't lean on cursing or being super political and that makes him less threatening to many and that's a great thing because he has the potential to stay around for a long time! I'll give the LP 4.5 GeoGlobes.

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