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GeoReview: John Legend, Live From Philadelphia

By Clayton Ruley

John Legend has two platinum albums for the world to hear but it's sometimes it's the album performed lived in from a stage that allows you appreciate the artist. Live From Philadelphia features John Legend coming home to the place he got his big career flying high off the ground.

While Legend is from Ohio, Legend chipped his teeth in Philadelphia while a student at the University ofPennsylvania. It was there that he met Kanye West's cousin, a fellow student, and the magic eventually happened. This performance allowed Legend the opportunity to unite with many of the people he worked with when he performed under his given name of John Stephens include members of the band and choir.

Legend has 19-tracks on this LP, which was only available at Target (at least at the beginning) and they include all the favorites like "Save Room", "Heaven", "PDA (We Just Don't Care)", "Used To Love U" and the megahit "Ordinary People". Legend also brings out a special guest Corinne Bailey Rae and does their rendition of "Where Is The Love".

The LP is nice because it allows to combine all the hits from the two albums into one LP. The choir does some nice things to accompany Legend and while Legend isn't known for his amazing range, he does do a nice job with his smooth sound.

I'll give this LP three GeoGlobes. It would have higher if there some remixes and nice to hear some new original material but I guess that's being greedy. Along with the cut with Bailey Rae he does a bit of the Beatles "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" "Dance To The Music" and "Feel Like Makin' Love".


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