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GeoReview: Jill Scott, The Real Thing, Words & Sounds: Volume 3
By Clayton Ruley

Jill Scott gives us her third studio LP, The Real Thing, Words & Sounds: Volume 3 after seeing success of her first major acting gig (Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married) and the break-up of her long-time relationship. This album has a lot of funk and Scott seems to validates herself to herself and all who listen.

The album starts off with “Let It Be” , a track about keeping things the way the are and working with that.

On “The Real Thing”, Jill talks about why she is the goodness defined and how she can make you shine and glow over and horns, guitar and more.

"Hate On Me" is the first single and Jill talks about what she does not being good enough and how she going to keep doing what’s good for her.

“Come See Me” is a smooth track and a drop in temperature as well compared to the first few track. Scott gets sensual, singing a song you can picture a woman singing in the bath while thinking of her man away at work.

Coming off the last track "Crown Royal" is definitely sex in a song. She talks about what she will do to a man and what she likes about him. This is a real hot track for a rendezvous with that special person.

“Epiphany” is a poem on beat talking about love, lust, sex and sensuality in a passionate way we’ve come to expect from Jilly from Philly.

“My Love” is another single off the album and Jill talks about losing a love and knowing that he’s is better than the competition. “Insomnia” talks about waiting for the love and not being able to sleep without hearing from the person.

“Jill talks about the women in all of our lives in How It Make You Feel”, a track that tries to express the importance the need for mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and other women positions. She especially talks to the black males about the black sisters. The chorus features a chorus of women that’s powerful and Jill gets her rap on too! This is the type of song you’d like to hear on urban radio and around mother’s day especially.

“Only You” talks about one person holding the key to her heart, “Whenever” features George Duke and is another cut you’d imagine listening to while candles are being used, “Celebacy Blues” comes out the jazz, smoke filled clubs and is self-explainatory. Other tracks include “Breathe”, “Wanna Be Loved” and “All I” and if your lucky you can get some bonus tracks as well.

Overall is another recommended album from Scott. I’ll give it 4 GeoGlobes.


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