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GeoReview: Jamie Lidell, JIM
By Deesha Dyer

Jamie Lidell has done it again - Created a damn near perfect album. Maybe I am a bit biased because I have dug his music and live shows for a few years now or maybe perhaps it is really just that good.

When someone asked me what type of music was on his third album, Jim (Warp Records), I really couldn't answer. It's definitely soulful with a twing of pop, and a whole lot of something that I can't put my finger on.

Let's start with the slow ballad, "Rope of Sand". It feels calming, sincere and intimate. His voice hits these high notes every 30 or so seconds that sends chills. It's just beautiful. Picking it up we are treated to "Another Day", which starts with a tambourine and clapping sound before leading into a Motown-like feel that continues on "Where'd You Go". "Figured Me Out" is also an up-tempo track that flat out jams. From the beginning when the music creeps in, my body moves smoothly to the keyboard groove.

While I'm mentioning faster tracks, lead single "Little Bit of Feel Good" does just that – makes you feel good. His grittiness shows through in the song, especially when singing the end of the chorus – 'watching you asleep and I cry/please don't make my feel good go away'. There is also an instrumental break in the song that lets you breathe for a minute before the jam picks back up.

"Green Light" reminds me of a song that Al Green or another 70's soul star would of penned. The instrumentation borders on the line of funk and disco, but retains some original R&B flavor.

Why I love this record is because it makes me feel like there is still interpretation of music that we haven't heard yet. In the market of oversaturation and crowding of genres, Jamie Lidell stands on his own – but I'm standing there right behind him, because this record is exceptional.

I'm giving it five GeoGlobes!

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