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GeoReview: Ice Cube, Raw Footage

By Clayton Ruley

After the critically acclaimed Laugh Now Cry Later, Rapper, Actor, Producer and Lynch Mob label head Ice Cube returns with Raw Footage. Ice Cube showed that he could be versatile throughout his career and his last album wasn’t any different as he did songs for the streets cats and for those out of the streets who want knowledge. This album features production by David “Dizmix” Lopez, DJ Crazy Toones, DJ Toomp, Djay Cas, Emile, Embeatz, Maestro, Palumbo Beats, Teak & Dee Underdue, Tha Bizness, Warren Campbell, Yung Fokus and Swizz Beatz, Cube beats sound like they should be a strength.

Will Cube be able to duplicate and even surpass his last LP’s success? Let’s get into the GeoReview and find out.

He starts the songs with “I Got My Locs On” featuring Young Jeezy a song that lets Cube do his dirty dirty flow. Jeezy adds the hook and a verse. This is a hyper intro to what is to come.

“It Take A Nation” talks about how ignorance from people especially African Americans will hold us back. Cube drops names like Clear Channel and FoxNews while talking about some of the obstacles many have put in front of them or put in front of themselves.

“Gangsta Rap Made Me Do” is a exciting track because Cube points how many of the behaviors young (and old) African American and poor people show is related to what they have seen in the hood or on TV. He plays on the notion that many try and blame it all on the gangsta rap.

“Hood Mentality” talks about changing the reality by getting rid of the hood mentality and then proceeds to explain how some people think in the hood because their expectations are built to be so low through their family backgrounds, the governmental system, it’s history and much more.

In “Why Me” Cube asks why the black and poor man gets people’s worse treatment with Musiq Soulchild. Cube is even talking about treatment from their own people too!

Cube gets inspirational on “Cold Places”, a track about how you can escape the traps of your life…through hard work, determination and education. Cube also mentions dirty politics, freeing The Jena Six, the poor treatment of the Hurricane Katrina victims, eating right, not getting into the prison system, believing in a higher power and taking care of responsibility.

“Jack In The Box” has a dope beat produced by Tha Bizness and Cube talks about his head being big because he has achieved in the music, movies and television business.

“Do Ya Thing” talks about not being deterred from doing what you want to do and “Thank God” talks about giving props to Gangsta Rap because it has actually exposed the injustice in the urban community instead of trying to blame it for all that is wrong in the world.

Other tracks include “Get Used To It” featuring The Game and WC (Westside Connection), “Tomorrow” and “Stand Tall”.

Overall a much better album than his last and a return to the type of lyrics and music he’s been well-known for before he made it as an actor/producer. His last album seemed to be stressed because he wanted to prove he could still be hard. This album is a good mix of education and a little tough/reality rap. He definitely makes a point to talk to the black community and explain how he’s made it out of his early years and is successful now. He ask for community & government responsibility and shows that he’s no actor trying to relive his past but a rapper with skills to still pay those bills and educate others through words.

I’ll give Raw Footage 4.5 GeoGlobes.

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