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GeoReview: Gnarls Barkley, The Odd Couple
By Clayton Ruley

The success of “Crazy” and other cuts on the platinum LP St. Elsewhere made Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse teaming up as Gnarls Barkley once again a no brainer. This LP called appropriately The Odd Couple, has the same feel as the first one with new some new sounds with more poignant lyrics courtesy of Cee-Lo.

“Whose Gonna Save My Soul” (a album single) is one of those new sounds with the gripping introspective lyrics over a slow beat.

For the workout, club or roller-skating rink there are songs like “Going On”, “Charity Case”, and “Run” (a album single).

For those into some rock there is “Blind Mary”, a track that sounds like a theme park, “She Knows” and “No Time Soon”.

This album isn’t too different from the first but the fact that it isn’t a popular format makes it stand out in today’s society. This LP is short and sweet with different sounds throughout the album showing the genres of rock, pop, rap, electronica, hip hop and soul. Cee-Lo’s lyrics are always passionate and he’s a good storyteller.The group looks like they have fun and yet don’t go overboard, still being willing to talk about topics that don’t make them true sellouts to the music business. Danger Mouse’s skill on a lot of instruments makes this collaboration possible and needs a lot of credit served.

I’ll give it 4 GeoGlobes.

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