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GeoReview: Erykah Badu,New Amerykah, Part One World War

By Clayton Ruley

After several years out of the album loop, Erykah Badu comes back to the surface with New Amerykah, Part One World War. This album from the critically acclaimed artist has 11 tracks (including the popular Wonder produced bonus track "Honey") and is less than a hour. Erykah has a political and social conscious to her music in the past and this album gives you some of that feel.

The album starts with "Amerykahn Promise", a song that talks about the US and how it brings more than the American dream with it, in terms of baggage. "The Healer", Erykah talks about Hip Hop and how it's now being bigger than religion, government and a few other establishments.

"Me" is a percussion filled track where Erykah talks about choosing herself instead of dealing with the media and other distractions.

On "My People" she tells people to hold on and in "Soldier" she talks about those troopers in the streets everywhere who are trying to provide for themselves and their family and don't get no pats on the back.

"The Cell" is a funky track that talks about cocaine and it's effect on the people and one girl in particular named Brenda.

"Twinkle" deals with the journey of many people who come to a new place and have to struggle to survive.

Other tracks on the LP are "Master Teacher" (featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow "I Stay Woke"), "That Hump", a track about trying hard to get over the hump but being tired and "Telephone", a tribute to fallen beatmaker and artist J Dilla. She says the track was done the day after the ceremony and in the song she tells Dilla to fly away and save a place for her.

Overall Badu's shortest LP is a lot better than many others best. While this album isn't my favorite in I believe this has the subject matter that will bring me back in the future. She talks about Blacks standing up and being educated and strong. She tries to shed light on the problems in the country and lets you know how she feels about her journey thus far. I'll give this 3 GeoGlobes and I hope the part two comes out very soon.






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