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GeoReview: Elizabeth Shepherd, Parkdale

By Deesha Dyer

There's just some people and some albums that instantly give you a feeling of calm and joy, even when the subject matter or instrumentation suggests quite the opposite. That is how I feel about Elizabeth Shepherd's older albums, so when she released Parkdale (Do Right! Music), I wanted that same feeling.

I am a fairly new to this twenty-something jazz musician from Toronto. After hearing her on some house and dance remixes, I decided to check her out and to my liking – she's right up my alley. I realize that what attracts me to Shepherd's music is her voice when it is strong and prominent in a song, when the piano coordinates with her voice, not the other way around – if that makes sense.

With Parkdale, I wasn't sure what to expect or how I'd receive it since the majority of her stuff I dug were remixes. But I'd also seen her live last summer doing strictly straight jazz and felt moved, so I gave it a go. My favorite tracks that I recommend you checking out are the title track, "Parkdale" and the "Parkdale" remix with Nostalgia 77. The remix is better, but both have a great groove after the chorus. Other tracks worth mentioning are, "Just One Song", "Shining Tear of the Sun" (the piano makes this song stand out), and "Mirror Living", which has a tempo change that makes the song a bit interesting. Plus on "Mirror Living", there is a featured trumpet that sets that old smoky jazz club feel that makes me want to get up and dance.

It'll take a few more listens, but I'll get it all absorbed.

I'll give it three out of five GeoGlobes. 

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