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GeoReview: Buckshot & 9th Wonder, The Formula

By Clayton Ruley

Buckshot and 9th Wonder join forces on the LP The Formula, their second collaboration. This 13 cut LP has good beats and good flows from Buck and special guests, Talib Kweli, Arafat Yates & Big Chops. An album that won’t disappoint but also won’t blow your mind away with many new sounds, The Formula is just that: a formula LP with a Hip-Hop veteran.

Some cuts that make you want to do more than just listen include “Go All Out” featuring Carlitta Durand, a track with a beat that reminds you of classic Beatminerz. “Hold It Down” is an absolute knocker with Kweli spitting nicely and Tyler Woods singing the hook and Shinin’ Yall.

Good stuff but not great I will give it 3 GeoGlobes. It’s enjoyable but some songs can sound like each other a little.








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