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GeoReview: Boyz II Men, Throwback, Volume One
By Clayton Ruley

Boyz II Men have returned with Throwback, Volume One, a LP that has the trio (used to a quartet) singing some of the songs I’m sure they heard on WDAS growing up in Philly in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The LP is 11 tracks long and they are all enjoyable but some stand out as being so good they may change your favorite version of the song.

For example I felt this way after I heard Boyz II Men do “Can You Stand The Rain” on their Evolution LP.

Singing and range aren’t a problem with the trio it’s more if trying to replicate the old school sound was done with a balance, paying respect to the old while making a new sound.

Some cuts that showed that balance include, Al Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together”, the Teddy Pendergrass famous cut: “Close The Door”, “For The Love of You” (The Isley Brothers) and DeBarge’s “Time Will Reveal” and the Hall & Oates classic “Sara Smile”. "Time Will Reveal" in fact is probably the best use of Boyz II Men’s skills with their voices and acappella.

A nice album that will make you think of the group when you were in grade school and also the songs and groups they tried to replicate and honor.

I’ll give them 4 ´´GeoGlobes.


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