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GeoReview: Alicia Keys, As I Am
By Clayton Ruley

Alicia Keys is an international superstar from the biggest city in the world (New York City) who seems to understand that making money isn't the only reason to make music. Along with being beautiful and extremely talented piano player, singer and songwriter, she also gives back to the community and lends her name to worthy causes.

Keys has two multi-platinum LPs in her catalogue and her third won't be different I'm sure! is Keys latest effort and it's right on par with the other ones but different and more in tune with who Keys is now as a woman and person in the world. Along with her partner Kerry "Krucial" Brothers, Keys creates sounds that move people from all walks of life and age range! Even my mom thinks she is awesome!

This 14-track LP talks about love now and in the past, heartache and more! Songs I love include the first three singles: "No One", a song destined be a classic on pop radio, "Like You'll Never See Me Again", a especially vivid track when you add the video and "Teenage Love Affair" a cute track for the children that will also bring memories to the oldest listener. Other hot tracks include "We Go From Here", "Superwoman", "Lesson Learned" featuring John Mayer and my favorite "I Need You", a compelling rhythmic cut that Keys sings with passion.

In the world of beats done on computer it's amazing what the mainstay of a piano in tracks can do to the sound of the music itself!

The album receives 4 GeoGlobes.

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