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Today is:
Redman’s Best Cuts Not On The Album
By Constant

Chances are he’s one of your favorite’s rappers’ favorite rappers Redman.

He’s been in the game over a decade, but he always goes under the radar on people's list of top MC’s/ rappers in the game.

This despite the hard lyrics, the comical interludes and familiar characters that have developed over the solo albums, What Thee Album (1992), Dare Iz A Darkside (1994), Muddy Waters (1996), Doc’s Da Name 2000 (1998) and Malpractice (2001).

This is despite the collaborations with the Def Squad El Nino, (1998) and Method Man (Blackout, 1999 and How High The Soundtrack).

For some reason people forget that Redman has never suffered a major drop-off and had to come back.

He hasn’t had to use every big name producer hot at
that time, just in majority Erick Sermon.

Redman hasn’t had major beef and had to save grace and face, he hasn’t had to. He has the respect of the game and people in it.

He’s been affiliated with Def Jam and Russell Simmons for years and never had to leave and never been carted to the side for the next “it” artist.

They forget he held down his squad: Def Squad amid Keith Murray’s imprisonment, EPMD’s break-up, reunion and break-up again and Sermon’s struggles as a solo artist.

And not only has he survived but he’s turning his face into one can see out of music videos as well with Right Guard commercials, MTV’s Busted series and the 2001 movie How High (all with partner in crime Method
Man along side) being the best examples.

He has a reputation of being a tree smoker, a claim to which he doesn’t deny, but if you think that’s the only hook he can hang his hat on you must not have caught his albums (and probably the 90’s as well).

So before you think you know all there is to know about Hip Hop I suggest you recognize the MC who proclaimed (and with good reason) “must we forget, I originated all wow sh-t that rahhh - rahhh sh-t, that jump up, get ready to f—k sh-t up now sh-t,”.

His albums are easy enough to get. You could head to your local record store and drop the $15 or use other methods (like taking you brother’s copy). And after you’ve gotten on track with the “Funk Doctor Spot” you can do some extra credit and search out these crazy cuts not on his albums.

Use caution when listening or you may have found yourself a new favorite artist.

“I Got My Mind Made Up”, 2-Pac’s All Eyez On Me double album, 1996 – This cut featuring Method Man as well is one of the best collaborations ever.

“Off The Wall”, Nutty Professor 2 Soundtrack, 2000 – 8 Miles’ own Eminem stands back to back with Redman as they go insane on track straight out of a video game box.

“Buck 50”, Ghostface Killah’s Supreme Clientele, 2000
– Joins the Wu’s Face, Cappadonna, and Meth and gives you lines like “pulling masks so you know it’s me and your weed got more seed than O.D.B.”.

“4,3,2,1,”, LL Cool J’s Phenomenon, 1997 - This hit had the streets jumping with Master P, Method Man, Canibus and DMX also lending their skills. Redman shines from his first line.

“K.I.M.”, EPMD’s Back in Business, 1999 – joins Def Squad mates Sermon and Murray to light a fire into EPMD’s comeback LP.

“Simon Says Remix”, Pharoahe Monch’s Internal Affairs, 1999 – A mega cut also featuring Busta Rhymes, Lady Luck, Meth, and Shabaam Sahdeeq. This one is sure to please.

“Lose My Cool”, SWV’s Release Some Tension, 1997 – A sleeper, Redman gives you his perspective at the end as the lovely ladies of SWV give you glorious details in the beginning.

“Beast From The East”, Lost Boyz’s Love, Peace, And Nappiness, 1997 – This cut also featuring Canibus, and A+, Red gives out great lyrics (and warning, remember he is from Jersey) when he spits “ My la familia, is ultimate superior, we don’t jack cars, we jack aircraft carriers!”

“Funkorama”, Erick Sermon’s Insomnia Compilation Album, 1996 – Self produced, with Q-Tip on the hook, this track is one of the few solo cuts you’ll hear Reggie Noble on that isn’t on his albums. He’s usually always with someone else, always in demand!

“Reverse”, P Diddy’s (formerly known as Puff Daddy) Forever, 1999 – Hidden in the track and not on the track listing, Redman kills this joint (no pun intended) that also features Sauce Money, Beanie Segal, Busta, Ceelo, Shyne and G-Dep.

Get with these tracks and enjoy the ride that’s only begun in the artist known as Redman.

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