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Today is:
Nas: Top Story Songs
By Clayton Ruley


One word with a lot of meaning, often in the rap game the little “cousin” of generic.

You don’t see a lot of people choosing the little man when the big cousin is deemed the money path.

Most MC’s don’t have the patience or the skills to put a story of consequence together to make you say damn!

Nas has been doing it for over 10years! The Queens’ wonder kid is arguably the best in the game and people would site his creativity, vision of what’s going on and what could happen as his strongest attributes. One!

Here is my list of Nas’ top story songs, if you have them pull them out and listen again. If you’re new to Nas here is a good beginners course.

10. Small World: from the I Am album this story is a lesson on actions and consequences in small circles.

9. Blaze A 50: From the QB’s Finest album, a trip to LasVegas and an encounter with a female gets crazy and deadly.

8. Money is My Bitch: Off the Album I Am this song takes the “mighty” dollar seem like the beautiful “Dollar” by comparing and contrasting the green with the those pretty women who can also can make you feign (whatever your thinking).

7. Last Words: From Nastradamus album the song featuring Braveheart member and Nas’ cousin Nashawn, tells the mentality of a prisoner then Nas gives you the physical jail’s side of the ins and outs of prison scene.

6. One Love: Brought to you from the classic LP Illmatic, Q-Tip kicks the simple chorus while Nas give shout outs to his boys doing their time in prison (complete with hood info).

5. 2nd Childhood: From the “comeback” classic Stillmatic, Nas gives you three people at different times in their lives but one common theme their tubbornness/unwillingness to grow up.

4. Poppa Was A Player: Off The Lost Tapes album, the songs appreciation for Dad’s influence and presence in his life, from young to ton the block to a grown man with his own responsibilities.

3. Rewind: Shows a stick-up about to happen and the events that occurred before, backwards! All with vivid details and amazing clarity.

2. I Gave You Power: Off the album It Was Written, Nas compares himself to a gun, nothing else to say!

1. Fetus: The song was supposed to be on the Double Disc I Am that never came out due to bootlegging. It recently appeared on The Lost Tapes album, and in it Nas gives the story of his birth into the world. From his parents background to what type of music he “heard” through the belly. Really imaginative and yet real.

With these songs you’ll be able to see he is an amazing artist who is unparalleled in this game. Nas is one of the last real alive, a prophet.

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