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Today is:
What If Hip Hop Never Died
Hip hop is a genre of art in which variables and scenarios are tremendous. These variables cause the rise and fall of record labels and artists' careers. This piece is an example of how if a few key incidents never happened, how things would have panned out.

Would Big L and The Roc be on top of the industry?

Would Pun and Remy Ma be the new millennium version of Dre and Snoop?

Would the Lost Boyz still be a group?

Would Death Row still be cranking out hits?

Would Mase have retired?

The Commission album would have went diamond.

Q-Don would have been the greatest emcee ever from Philly.

Would there still be such a thing as Diggin In the Crates.

Would there be a Run DMC reunion in the works?

Would Biggie have been the first cat in a may Bach (he did predict the coming of the 700)?

Would Fab be oh so hot?

Would throwbacks still be on the racks and we as a culture still insist on high-end runway fashion?

Would Fifty and Pac trade war stories?

Would Cuban Linx still be in Terror Squad?

Scott La Rock would've pushed KRS-One to mainstream super stardom.

Would Shyne sign with Def Jam instead?

Would Pac still have made so many damn songs?

Would Cease and Kim still be friends and signed to Untertaiment?

Would there be such a thing as Ja (at least the rapper)?

Jay and Big the real best of both worlds.

People remember hip-hop is a way of life and not a way of death.

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