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Today is:
Great Rap Song Sagas
By Clayton Ruley

When you find a great idea for a song your happy if it is accepted and respected for the art of work, once.

When you have an idea great enough to you to deserve a sequel your lucky and skilled at the same time.

Lucky that the song was taken with open arms and skilled in that you have to be ready to take a concept and stretch, change, and manipulate it to be the a brand new song but still relevant to the bigger picture, the overall concept.

In music in general this is so uncommon because it strips the artist of originality, forces the author to conform to a pattern or theme albeit their own past pattern or theme.

There are those MC's and groups who decide that whatever reasons a sequel is justified.

Maybe it’s a change to depict more of the same ideas, maybe it’s a chance to collaborate with the same talent, and maybe it’s for more money and the demand of the people.

For whatever reason these MC's and groups put together a collection of songs that are old but new familiar but at the same time different. Here are just a few of my favorites, if you have them revisit them, if not go to your music source and listen up.

Trife Life, Parts I and II, by Mobb Deep: The Mobb gives you the gritty on shady women and traveling at the same time.

Superman Lover, Parts I-IV, by Redman: The Funk Doctor Spot takes us on his weed, women adventures.

Friend or Foe, Parts I and II, by Jay-Z: Witty and through statement of Jay-Z skills, crazily places you in the middle of a shakedown between an old hustler and a new group trying to make a come-up on the hustler’s territory

NY State of Mind, Parts I and II, by Nas: Gives you a life report on the mentality that prevails in the City of New York, through a young man’s eyes then later with more experiences as a grown man. This definite classic acappella, even without the influence of Premier’s crazy piano-laced beats.

Crooklyn Dodgers, Parts I and II, by Various Artists: Spike Lee’s influence on culture is past movies. Inspired by the movies Crooklyn and Clockers and featuring artists like Chubb Rock, Special Ed, Buckshot of Black Moon, and Masta Ace, these were two of the first and best songs to bring together rappers from different crews for a united slaying of the mic.

Scenario, Parts I and II, by A Tribe Called Quest and The Leaders of the New School: The Best group song of all time in Scenario I with the almost equal part II. Ask yourself this question if you’re in your 20's: Do you know anyone who doesn't know the lyrics to Scenario part I (at least to sing it when the song comes on)?

What Your Lifelike, Parts I and II, by Beanie Sigel: A rare look into a non-commercial version of Beanie not normally given to you by Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella crew, breaks down the life of an prisoner in amazing detail and will have you saying that's what I want to hear all the time. Shows great perspective and for the instances you hear that song, you'll understand why he was compared to the Biggie Smalls so favorably.

Stamina (Lyrical, Physical), by Jeru Da Damaja: The Damaja tests lyricists with wordy phrases and the change-up of styles; Premier again does it again with the beats.

The Next Episode, Parts I and II, by Dr. Dre and Various Artists: Dre with hits you with the Funkadelic beat in the first and the keys banging in the second part of The Next Episode, a definite club banger no matter what year!

Da Art of Storytellin, Parts 1 and II. By Outkast: Tells the story of two (three, if you know of the Slick Rick remix version) girls and their lives for its opportunities and its struggles. The second part is the chaos that ensues.

Proceed, Parts I-III, by The Roots: The song series that brought many to the attention of Philly’s own, showing the combination of the instruments with lyrics by Malik B., Black Thought and Bahamadia on Proceed II these efforts helped bring the Roots from "under the ground".

Do you have a list? If you have any suggestions or questions please email me at, One!



Jay-z, Friend or Foe?

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