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Today is:
The Best Of The Roots
By Maia Rosser and Clayton Ruley

The Roots were recently nominated for 2 Grammy awards. The legendary crew has graduated to become of veterans of the rap game. From being the underdogs to being well known, The Roots have always been known to put on a great show and give people a soulful and skillful album.   With that said there are great songs on every album that don't get the shine. With that said here is the Best of The Roots.


"Adrenaline" – The debut of Beanie Sigel is only a fraction of why this song is hot. All MCs on the track kill it including Malik B. (remember him?) and Dice Raw.   The beat is racy and hot as hell!


"Water" – This track is nothing but LOVE.   The streets have been talking forever about Malik B & The Roots. Its dope to get an account of what their journey has been like as a crew, this is an entry in memoir of the legendary Roots crew.


"What They Do" – This Raphael Saadiq produced song is hot because the group talks about the society's infatuation with the fast cash and the fact that no deep substances are accepted instead going for the catchy choruses and stuff.


"100% Dundee" - Black thought displays his lyrical prowess at its peak just about.   Malik B made an appearance on this track and held it down for The Roots as he rides the beat the only way he knows saying: "They all surround me, round me, on my head they got a bounty, I'm trying to get this bail up so I can flee the county!"


"Aint Sayin Nothin New" – This track is to the MCs that say the same damn thing every song on every album. Dice gets particularly Raw on this album talking about backslapping people "like Shaq did Ostertag either take me out or be taken you think you going down sike! The jury is still deliberating I got half of they kids tied up in the basement yo I'm just playing yo, but that's how I'm playing yo, peep what I'm saying yo D-I-C-E shove a mic in your mouth like Ted DeBiase!"


"Datskat" - Black Thought & The Roots were among the first to bridge the gap.   Nuff said.


"Proceed II" - Do I need to really convince you that Roy Ayers and the roots are a dope collabo.they make good MUSIC, real good music.


"Silent Treatment" – This song is about a girl that ignores a man's advances and how it hurts. Black Thought makes you walk through the sorrow he's feeling occasionally dropping a Philly landmark that some will recognize.  


"Star/Pointro" – This song is important because it uses a classic rift and tells everyone that they are a star and everyone wants to shine. The beat is bumping and Black Thought kicks language about coming up and life in general.


"Act Too (The Love Of My Life)" - A magical combination of blaring horns and sounds with the lyrics of Thought and Common talking about their individual love for Hip Hop.




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