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Today is:

Talking music and more with WrittenHouse

byTrach Metropolis

WrittenHouse is a band of Philly brothers determining there own place in Hip-hop. Currently these guys are very busy traveling doing shows and producing great music.

Pickup there current release “Sunshine Philadelphia: The WrittenHouse Effect Vol.2 Mixed by DJ Akshun. You can also check them out at The Roots picnic later this summer Please support your local (Philly) artists.

WrittenHouse in Black and White. (GC): In the era of auto-tune and tight pants, what inspires you to make your music?

WrittenHouse (WH): Originality. Originality inspires us to make our music. Kinda disbarring ourselves from what social norms are and moving towards something outside the box. Mainly just going against the grain and staying true to within ourselves. Is the main part and we had the pleasure and been blessed to be working with each other for years now. So we know each others struggles and weaknesses and strengths. So music is exactly a venting process for all of us. And actually brings us closer together. But the originality aspect of music is what really drives WrittenHouse.

GC: “Cloud City” is about Philly and the experience of living here. Why do you think the vibe unfortunately is so negative?

WH: I think it’s that same mentality that is recycled over and over again. That cloudy vision that I have to look at TV and develop my image from what they tell me. Everyday, we wake up and the mirror can tell us how different we really are. But if we look at how similar we are we realize we have a lot more in common, then we do in contrast.

“Cloud City” is how we came at the thinking in Philadelphia. There is clouded thinking that’s going on here that keeping the creativity at bay. It keeps the same thinking recycling over and over again. And keeps a big cloud where people can not think or see straight. It’s all about positive images that people can respond to and hold on too.

GC: In your creative process when song writing. Especially with two producers and once emcee. What comes first the rhymes or the beat?

WH: The cool thing about us is that we are constantly moving. We fall into consistent formula of recording for a couple of days. Then we can go into our own cut and get it in. We could be a rhyme ahead or a rhyme behind, but it really gives everybody something to look forward too. We are always getting it in, but when we get together it just happens. We could have a thousand beats, rhymes or ideas. But at any given time, we can come together.

GC: With Twitter, Facebook and YouTube saturating and exposing people to so much music and media. Is this a good time or a bad time for music? Also how does Writtenhouse use this technology to promote and reach its audience?

WH: It is a good time to use technology. These are strong tools and every generation has had some type of mechanism. The internet is taking away the glass wall that divides the artist and the fan.

You all share the same space and its more personal and can talk on a constant bias.

To people that like the music, then it’s not even a fan anymore. It’s just someone that likes music and you can dialogue with them, it may even be another artist. But there is a lot more personal connection now.

GC: If MLK was still alive, how do you think he would feel about the progress of his people?

WH: I think it would be a double edge sword. I think he would be happy with the progress that has been made. But upset with the potential that we have, because with the potential that black people have we should be further then where we are now. But we also came along way from what we where. But if MLK was here, I like he would be looking for more leaders.

GC: During his first 100 days in office, what suggestions would you give President Obama?

WH: Stay strong. You know the cool thing about it, For you to have the audacity to tackle this beast. They had a vision, and I don’t think there is anything I could tell him,hahaha. So stay focused, stay strong. But one thing I would like to see him name is a Secretary of the Arts.

GC: “Uploading Change”, is’s slogan and there have been a few t-shirts that say "I Make Change". So I ask you, How do you make change?

WH: What it is that we are blessed to have each other. We have come together and are allowing growth to take place. Both individually as well as a group, because we have only been together for a year.

I make change through my lyrics and the way I live my life. We let the crowd know that this is our music and it’s positive. We recognize the power of what we are doing, and in that sense we hold ourselves accountable. We do this to have a positive vibe for everyone and that it can be done!

Special Thanks: To Muhammad Abdul-Sharif and the whole WrittenHouse crew….Peace

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