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Today is:
An Interview with Reazon
by Clayton Ruley

Editors Note: I can't front this is a bonafide member of the GeoClan family but I wouldn't steer you wrong either because we put high quality on this here site! Roze is one of the best I've heard in a long time because it isn't about the fortune or fame but the message! Reazon a.k.a. Roze has seen a lot in his few years on this Earth and he put it all in his writing! Check out the interview and feel free to get a sample of the album The Roze Parade by checking out his myspace (GC): What's up Roze...Where you from and where has life led you to so far? How does your bicoastal experience shape your style if at all?

Reazon (RE): I was born in Philly but raised in California. That's pretty much my story. I'm always back and forth, going from one coast to the other. I hope I don't have a style that can be define or placed. Ya know what I mean!



GC: How long have you been MCing and how would you describe your style? When did you think "I could do this for a career"?

RE: Well I pick up the pen for the first time around 98'. I remember listening to an album from The Roots and being spark. I think my style is diverse, I just like music is. I don't want a style, but if I do have a certain style so be it. I say around 02' I started taking this rap thing for real. I felt a desire. You have to a real passion in you. You have to have the love!  


GC: Where have you performed and how was the response?

RE: I have performed and opened for a couple of acts at some good spots. Fat Joe at a club called "The Beach" in Las Vegas. Stevie Wonder at the Apollo (Not "Amateur Night") where I really opened for him (hard to believe). I also did the Aftermath record label party and a Boot Camp Clik show.


GC: Favorite place to do a show?

RE: All the shows went good, but I really like the Fat Joe show in Vegas. Vegas is a wild place family, I can't even speak on that whole night.


GC: What does Hip Hop mean to you and how does it make you feel when you perform and/or get your words out in the air?

RE: Hip Hop is a reflection of life, and life is good and bad. People don't make up anything in their lyrics, they might bite other people who really live it but somebody had to live it or see it just so MC's could bite. Man performing is love, a great energy!


A natural high

GC: Can you tell me about The Roze Parade , the debut LP?

RE: The Roze Parade is many emotions the main emotion is love, weather love vs. hate or just having love for yourself. They call me Reazon and I'm not trying to glorify myself, everything starts with god. God is the reason and God is in all of us, we just got to tap into him. I believe that's the message


GC: With whom are you working with lately and tell me about Westland Music?

RE: Westland Records consists of team members Tugg Boat, Big Bam, DJ C.R.S as well as a few other beat makers. I also deal with my man Braydz also known as Rime. We are doing an album called Rime n Reazon #2


GC: Who are you musical influences? Behind the booth? In the booth? In life?

RE: I love J-Dilla, but I love music as a whole. If it's good it's good. Andre 3000 is my favorite, just for how he put his words, Jay-Z, Dead Prez and a lot of other artists


GC: What's chill time for you mean?

RE: enjoying the moment [the right now] no past, no future. Life is good and bad, it's all about which one you focus on


GC: How do you feel about Hip Hop and the radio play these days?

RE: I think it sucks! There is more to life then clubbing and iced out chains, but you wouldn't know that from listening to the radio. The people behind the radio don't play anything that will make people question themselves, start thinking or try to get power. It promotes a police state! Think about it!


GC: What do you bring to the game? Do you feel pressure to change your style to get fan appeal?

RE: I bring the god and myself in me to the game. It's no pressure to change knowing that.


GC: Can you feel a difference in the love/hate you receive in Philly and in LA? The audience? The music scene?

RE: There is a difference, I love both cities, and California is just my home for now.


GC: What are you working on now and how can people get at you?

RE: I'm thinking about an album called Slave Muzic right now. People can connect with me through myspace and also through GeoClan and


GC: Memorable experiences positive and/or negative?

RE: I would say a couple: the Apollo in Harlem, New York with a legend like Stevie Wonder was great and also the Aftermath party. In the end it's all about energy and especially the positive energy.


GC: Where are you trying to go?

RE:I hope I touch the world in some way positive, you know! But it's all in god's hands. It's wherever he wants me to go.


GC: What do you think about change (think about's slogan of Uploading Change)? How do and would you like to make change?

RE: Nothing stays the same, it's all about change, and we are the one's trying to create it and that's good. Peace and one love to all, Roze.





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